R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey

RSO science curriculum from Pandia Press is an incremental program.

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  • Elementary Life Science
    Elementary Life Science

    Introduce the scientific method and science vocabulary with 28 hands-on units spanning a year of science. Discover life, cells, the human body, animal kingdom & more. 

  • Elementary Chemistry
    Elementary Chemistry

    Teach your elementary-age kids chemistry concepts through lots of fun activities.

  • Elementary Physics
    Elementary Physics

    Learn big physics concepts through story-like readings and lots of hands-on projects! 

  • Elementary Earth and Space
    Elementary Earth and Space

    Explore geology and outer space with the scientific method and hands-on activities. Shop RSO text, student pages, and lab supply kit. 

  • Middle School Biology
    Middle School Biology

    Your middle school kids will be learning real science concepts and vocabulary with this Biology Level 2 course from R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey.

With this curriculum, kids are encouraged to read, explore, absorb, and learn science through engaging text and activities. It introduces the scientific method and vocabulary.

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This science curriculum provides a wonderful scientific foundation for the elementary ages! Kids are encouraged to explore science through engaging text and activities. Each lesson is presented in a short story-like format followed by multiple home-friendly labs that reinforce and expand the concepts. RSO introduces the scientific method and a rich scientific vocabulary, all while teaching observation and analytical skills. Each book contains all the student pages, instructor sheets, plus lab sheets and it provides a full year of science. Grades 1-5.

Here's what one customer had to say: "I am SO glad we found this curriculum! The text is written in a very fun, engaging manner. Fun poems and crossword puzzles are included to reinforce new words and ideas. But best of all is the fact that the learning starts right away." - Cheri