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Switched On Schoolhouse

A digital curriculum on a USB drive and complete lab supply kits.

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Many families prefer an online or DVD-based science curriculum. Is yours one of them? If so, is SOS the one for you? Read our reviews of Switched-on Schoolhouse's elementary & middle/high school curriculum to find out.

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This Alpha Omega Publication science curriculum is similar in content to the LIFEPACs but is in a USB Drive, providing an interactive, multimedia learning environment with automated grading and score computation. New features include voice-automated lessons for auditory learners, more multimedia activities, and the ability to create custom projects. Grades 3-12.

This well established curriculum is positioned from a Christian creationist worldview. We also offer corresponding Switched-on Schoolhouse science kits with materials for doing the hands-on lab activities.

Want more features and benefits of using Alpha Omega Publication Switched-on-Schoolhouse science curriculum? Click here for a helpful chart!