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Rubber Stoppers and Corks

Chemistry lab rubber stoppers & corks with or without holes.

Use rubber stoppers and lab-grade corks to contain liquids in test tubes and flasks

Keep your chemistry experiments clean and safe with rubber stoppers! These sturdy plugs fit tightly into test tubes or flasks to prevent chemical leaks and spills.

Some lab work requires a full setup of glassware. You’ll need one- or two-hole rubber stoppers for those experiments, and use 5 mm glass tubing to connect to other apparatus.

For small test tubes use #00 stoppers. Use #0 for large test tubes, and #1 for extra large. Use #6.5 stoppers for 250 ml flasks. Use a cork borer to drill holes in the corks.

And use our quick & easy guide to identify which size of rubber stopper you need.