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Engineering Kits for Kids

STEM kits and engineering kits for kids.

Engineering kits for kids are the perfect STEM kits for kids!

Build on their natural curiosity about flight, motion, machines, engines, structures and buildings. Our engineering kits promote learning science principles that could be the first step toward a STEM career. Expanding job markets include robotics, nanotechnology, optics, fuel cells, and more.

While these STEM kits for students are fun, don't mistake them for simple DIY engineering toys, building toys, or STEM toys. Powerful lessons lurk within each hands-on activity and project - and even young children can use their motor skills to explore age-appropriate concepts related to structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical circuits, circuit boards, makerspace & tinkering, and much more.

As kids use a building kit to build different types of bridges, they discover the engineering principles behind them all. Same with simple machines and motorized models—they'll learn and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills by doing science experiments and projects that feel like play! When children prove engineering concepts with their own two hands, they'll begin to see them in action everywhere. Roller coasters, sky scrapers, pulleys, and other everyday items connect to what they've learned. Rather than reading static words on a page, engineering concepts come to life.

Explore our diverse selection of bestsellers and more above! Start with kits from Engino, Thames & Kosmos, Snap Circuits, HST, and more.

Interested in physics and engineering projects? Find lots of projects with step-by-step instructions. Choose a project that matches your child's interests, skills, and age level—and your price level.