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Nature Kits & Supplies

Nature kits for kids to learn biology at home and in the classroom.

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Find amazing nature kits for kids to explore the science of life! Nature is many kids' first foray into hands-on science. Since most kids love to be outside, it's easy to turn that love into learning with nature kits.

Find a variety of educational nature kits for kids. Raise your own butterflies with a butterfly garden. Discover metamorphosis with a frog hatchery kit. Also find more advanced nature science kits, like soil test kits (great for science fair!), a fuel cell kit, and more!

Also find a tree identification kit to tote along on outdoor adventures. You can even teach the littlest explorers with a nature walk science kit from Magic School Bus. Other kits include: pond and water environment test kits, insect collecting, labs on the human body and DNA, bacteria experiments, plant growth, microscope projects, and much more.