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Chemical Bottles and Jars

Chemical bottles: glass and plastic vials, chemistry bottles and jars for lab and storage.

Find the right chemical bottle for your lab applications. Get a gallon jar, a small glass vial, and more.

Home Science Tools' variety of heavy-duty glass and plastic chemistry bottles will help you mix, pour, store, and more! For science studies, there are many types of leakproof bottles, vials, and chemistry jars to choose from. Use chemistry bottles to store solid and liquid laboratory chemicals and solvents for extended periods of time.

Shop high-quality borosilicate glass bottles in various sizes, perfect for chemical storage. Our HDPE bottles and assorted plastic bottles with polypropylene screw caps, squeeze lids, and more work well for more neutral chemicals. Fill them with a variety of reagents, or solvents, such as water or alcohol.

Some popular reagent bottle types include:

  • Barnes dropper bottles with dropper lids for drop-by-drop measurement
  • Amber glass bottles that are not only attractive but they also protect contents from UV exposure
  • Plastic wash bottles with a bent nozzle at the top for rinsing glassware, cleaning/disinfecting, or applying solutions