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Cool Physics Toys
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Cool Physics Toys

Fun physics toys and kits for kids (and adults) of all ages.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Science Gifts
    • Hours of Fun!

      “The children spent hours of fun, designing and redesigning with Keva Contraptions 200. When the older children got tired, the younger children use them for building blocks. Unlimited designs and options.”

      — Jullianne Z.

    • Favorite Gift of All Time

      “My son received this kit when he was 9. He enjoyed doing all the projects in the instructions, and now at 13 he still loves using the pieces from the kit to make his own experiments. We have definitely gotten our moneys worth out of this. He lists it as one of his favorite gifts ever.”

      — Angel

    • Perfect for Any Age!

      “Lots of fun for my 4-year-old son. He and his dad get to practice coding and programming this cute little robot to do tricks.”

      — Catherine O.

    Discover a World of Cool Physics Toys

    Physics toys empower kids to grasp the principles of force and motion in a hands-on and engaging way! Within our carefully curated selection of interactive science toys and top-selling items, children not only have fun but also gain insights into force, motion, work, energy, and the laws of physics.

    These collectible physics toys offer a lot more than just a science education experience. They encompass a wide range of educational toys and gifts that enable children to learn while they play.

    As kids embark on the physics science experiments featured in the kits above, they'll have the chance to:

    1. Explore Magnetic Fields and Electronics: Discover the mysteries of magnetic fields and delve into the world of electronics.

    2. Uncover Velocity and Engineering: Learn about velocity and engineering principles through hands-on experimentation.

    3. Investigate Light and Sound: Explore the fascinating phenomena of light and sound, unlocking the secrets of these fundamental aspects of physics.

    4. Construct DIY Creations: Encourage creativity and problem-solving skills by constructing their own DIY projects.

    Whether you're shopping for kids or the young at heart, classic desk toys like a Slinky, gyroscope, or Newton's Cradle make for popular and timeless gift ideas. Those with a penchant for destruction will delight in experimenting with a demolition lab set. Future inventors and self-proclaimed technology geeks will relish the challenge presented by an electronics set.

    So, what's the best physics toy for your kids? From a basic Slinky to robot kits, these cool physics toys provide hours of hands-on physics fun for all ages. Start adding your favorites to your shopping cart now and embark on an educational and entertaining journey into the world of physics!