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Electricity & Magnetism Experiment Kit

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Students age 8 & up get a jolt of physics fun with the Electricity & Magnetism Kit from Thames & Kosmos. Use the items inside to make invisible magnetic fields visible, power a spinning motor, construct a loudspeaker & more! Read More

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Teach kids about the fundamental properties of electricity and magnetism with 60 electrifying experiments in this Electricity and Magnetism Kit from Thames & Kosmos! With the items inside, curious learners will not only discover circuits and magnetic contraptions with functional devices, but they'll also show the relationship between electricity and magnetism in meaningful ways.

Use this kit to make learning fun! The included manual guides kids as young as 8 years old as they safely and easily conduct tests and a series of experiments to learn about electric current and the earth's magnetic fields.

Electricity Experiments:

  • Build series & parallel circuits
  • Light up a light bulb
  • Power a spinning motor, two switches & up to three light bulbs
  • Experiment with push buttons and switches
  • And more!

Magnetism Experiments:

  • Test which materials are magnetic
  • Learn about the force of magnetism & magnetic poles
  • Investigate magnetic force & direction with a magnetic pendulum device
  • Use iron filings to make invisible magnetic fields visible
  • And more!

Electricity & Magnetism Experiments:

  • Construct a loudspeaker
  • Make an electromagnetic relay switch
  • Build a Morse code telegraph key
  • Conduct a variety of experiments with a sturdy electromagnet
  • And more!

What's included?

  • 60 pieces, including colorful snap-together electrical blocks (that have unique shapes and fit together with simple plug-and-socket connectors), 
  • 62 hands-on, educational experiments
  • 64-page illustrated, step-by-step, full-color experiment manual (includes assembly diagrams)

(You provide 2 AA batteries and other common household items.)



Electricity & Magnetism Kit Contents:

  • Battery case 
  • Red, green & yellow lights 
  • Motor 
  • Two-way switches 
  • Push button 
  • L-shaped connectors 
  • X-shaped connectors 
  • T-shaped connectors 
  • I-shaped connectors 
  • Red & blue connecting wires with plugs 
  • Separator 
  • Red & blue alligator clips 
  • Bar magnets 
  • Ring magnets 
  • Electromagnet 
  • Magnet hanger 
  • Box of iron powder 
  • Small parts pouch 
  • 64-page full-color, illustrated, step-by-step manual


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