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Home Microscopes by HST

Home microscopes by HST compare to National Optics and others for less.

HST’s bestselling home microscopes rival brands that cost twice as much. Yes, you can find cheaper, but you won’t find better for the price.

A compound microscope reveals a whole new world to students - from elementary ages, to high school, and beyond. With magnification, kids can see the wonder of microscopic science in real life. Each new discovery feeds their passion to learn about something new. With a microscope and some curiosity, who knows what they’ll discover?

Enrich learning experiences in your home with a microscope that's perfect for home use.

It's true! Our home microscopes are perfect for home use. Their high magnification reveals an unseen world and inspires learners of all ages to dive deeper into hands-on exploration. 

Find a dual-head (to attach a digital camera), monocular, or binocular microscope. Home microscopes by HST come with widefield 10X eyepieces, LED light illumination, quality objective lenses, 40-1000X magnification (dependent upon model), and so much more. We've worked hard to design high-quality compound microscopes from top to bottom - from structural elements like the nose piece, mechanical stage, focus knobs, light source, and optical glass, to the more complex LED illumination, magnification settings, circuit boards, Iris Diaphragm capabilities, and both high-power and low-power functionalities. Providing higher magnification than that of stereo microscopes, these compound microscopes are sure to bring further awe and excitement into your child's education.

Which microscope is used in schools?

Compound microscopes, like those in HST’s Home Microscope series, are often used in schools and labs around the world. Conveniently sized, cordless, and designed with expertise, our home microscopes make all levels of home and classroom science learning more do-able, inspiring, and engaging.

HST's Microscopic Discovery Kit can help you get started.

We understand that a new microscope can seem overwhelming; deciding which type of microscope and additional supplies to choose can be a daunting, time-consuming task! That's why we've bundled our best selling microscope with prepared microscope slides and slide-making supplies and instructions. We know your time is valuable, and we want to save you from the extra hassle. Bundled for both your convenience and their ease of use, our microscope kit helps students kick-start their journey into the unseen world around them.

Our home-friendly student microscopes meet our high standards and our high-quality control specialists ensure they're perfect before we ship them to you! And we back our commitment with a lifetime warranty. The result? You'll get an enjoyable-to-use, trouble-free microscope that will last a lifetime. Explore our various dual-head, monocular, and binocular compound microscopes above to discover which would be the best microscope for you.

As one customer said:

"If you are on the edge about purchasing one of these, don't be. It is worth every dollar. It is a quality piece.
The kids will love it and learn with it. You are really giving them an advantage and opening up a new world."

Looking for more than the basics? Choose a 1000x model for greater magnification levels or an Iris Diaphragm for better contrast and image resolution.

Benefits of Home Microscopes

• Includes lifetime guarantee
• Inspected & adjusted before shipping
• Meets high-quality standards & is affordable