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Home microscopes by HST compare to National Optics and others for less.

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HST’s bestselling home microscopes rival brands that cost twice as much. Yes, you can find cheaper, but you won’t find better for the price.

A compound microscope reveals a whole new world to students. With magnification, kids can see the wonder of microscopic science in real life. Each new discovery feeds their passion to learn about something new. With a microscope and some curiosity, who knows what they’ll discover?

Find a microscope with a monocular, binocular, or dual-head (to attach a digital camera). Home microscopes by HST come with LED light illumination and 40-1000x power, dependent upon model.

Our microscopes meet our high standards and our quality control specialists ensure they're perfect before we ship them to you! And we back our commitment with a lifetime warranty. The result? You'll get an enjoyable-to-use, trouble-free microscope that will last a lifetime.

As one customer said:

"If you are on the edge about purchasing one of these, don't be. It is worth every dollar. It is a quality piece. The kids will love it and learn with it. You are really giving them an advantage and opening up a new world."

Looking for more than the basics? Choose a 1000x model for greater magnification or an Iris Diaphragm for better contrast and image resolution.

Benefits of Home Microscopes

• Includes lifetime guarantee
• Inspected & adjusted before shipping
• Meets high quality standards & is affordable