Agar, Petri Dishes, and Bacteria
Petri Dish Bacteria
Science Buddies Bacteria Discovery Kit
Escherichia Coli Bacteria - Freeze Dried Culture
Staphylococcus Epidermidis Bacteria - Live Culture
Gram Stain Bacteria Comparison Set - Live Culture
Escherichia Coli Bacteria - Live Culture
Rhodospirillum Rubrum Bacteria - Live Culture
Introductory Bacteria Set - Live Culture
Bacillus Cereus Bacteria - Live Culture
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Bacteria gows all around us. From door handles to our keyboards there are different types of bacteria that are affected by its surroundings - even room temperature! Learn about the different types by growing bacteria in a petri dish. We offer tools to help you collect bacteria, use nutrient agar, and grow everything in a petri dish while learning about the world of germs and bacteria.

Petri Dish Bacteria

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