Agar, Petri Dishes, and Bacteria
Petri Dish Bacteria
Science Buddies Bacteria Discovery Kit
Image of the science buddies neutralizing bacteria kit contents, gloves, petri dishes, swabs and e. coli
Escherichia Coli Bacteria - Freeze Dried Culture
Staphylococcus Epidermidis Bacteria - Live Culture
Gram Stain Bacteria Comparison Set - Live Culture
Rhodospirillum Rubrum Bacteria - Live Culture
Introductory Bacteria Set - Live Culture

Bacteria gows all around us. From door handles to our keyboards there are different types of bacteria that are affected by its surroundings - even room temperature! Learn about the different types by growing bacteria in a petri dish. We offer tools to help you collect bacteria, use nutrient agar, and grow everything in a petri dish while learning about the world of germs and bacteria.

Petri Dish Bacteria

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