Animal dissection supplies and tools.

Animal Dissection

Supplies for animal dissection and education.

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  • Dissection Kits
    Dissection Kits

    Save time and money with a complete dissecting kit. Kits include the high-quality specimen, tools, and a dissection guide.

  • Dissection Specimens
    Dissection Specimens

    Find preserved specimens and organisms in plain, single, or double injection.

  • Dissection Tools
    Dissection Tools

    Get all the dissection tools and other equipment that you need: scalpels, T-pins, dissection pans, teasing needles, scissors, and more.

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    Dissection Guides

    Choose from a wide selection of dissection guides and manuals so you can easily learn how to dissect everything from frogs to starfish to sheep hearts.

  • What to Get for Dissection
    What to Get for Dissection

    Find top selling tools and kits here, along with links to other resources!

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See why animal dissection labs are irreplaceable for teaching students about anatomy. Get tips on planning a dissection. Plus, find step-by-step photographic instructions on dissecting a frog, fetal pig & more.

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Shop animal dissection supplies for biology labs. Find preserved specimens, illustrated dissection guides with step-by-step instructions, scalpels, pins, trays & more.

If you ever dissected a frog in school, chances are you still remember it
vividly. While there are alternatives to dissecting animals, few are as memorable as biology dissection.

Here you'll find all your school dissection supplies: frogs to dissect, tools for students & more
. Get dissection supplies for classrooms, homeschools, or any other form of science education.  

Today's dissection specimens have little or no odor, are easy to handle, and are valuable, affordable learning tools. Dissection allows kids to see anatomy first-hand. Compare mammals with similarities to our own human anatomy or contrast with other species that display very different internal structures.

Whether you're dissecting for a biology lab or just for fun, find a variety of preserved specimens, dissection guides with illustrations and step-by-step instructions, scalpels, and other tools and supplies.