Dissection Kits
Dissection Kits

Save time and money with a complete dissecting kit. Kits include high-quality specimen, tools, and a dissection guide.

Dissection Specimens
Dissection Specimens

Have the tools to dissect, but need the specimens? Find preserved specimens in plain, single, or double injection.

Dissection Tools
Dissection Tools

Get all the dissection tools and other equipment that you need: scalpels, T-pins, dissection pans, teasing needles, scissors, and more.

Dissection Guides
Dissection Guides

Choose from a wide variety of dissection guides so you can easily learn how to dissect everything from frogs to dogfish sharks to mammal hearts.

Best Sellers in Dissection

Animal Dissection

Supplies for animal dissection and education. 

What Others Are Saying About HST Animal Dissection
    • “We chose this kit to help with learning about the human eye. The specimen was in great shape so made it easy to learn about the eye. (Cow Eye Dissection Kit)”

      — Kerry M.

    • “We started back with doing frog dissection the last 2years and have been so happy ordering from Home Sc Tools! The kit gave some extra tools for helping with dissection. Very pleased with customer service and value for the price! (Advanced Dissecting Tools)”

      — Bobbi W.

    • “Great quality specimen at a good price. The instruction flyer that came with it was very helpful in labeling the parts to identify. Made the dissection easy and enjoyable for learning. (Mammal Brain Dissection Kit)”

      — Kimberly R.

    The Importance of Animal Dissection in Education

    Unlocking the Complexity: Why Animal Dissections Matter

    Discover why animal dissections are vital for comprehensive learning. Explore internal anatomy through hands-on experiences that foster deep understanding and respect for the natural world. Learn how animal dissections benefit students in Anatomy, Physiology, and Zoology.

    Benefits of Animal Dissections: Improving Comprehension and Making a Memorable Experience

    A Deeper Grasp of Science: The Power of Hands-On Learning

    Immerse yourself in the world of animal dissections and boost comprehension. Scientific studies reveal how hands-on experiences activate the brain, leading to improved understanding and longer-lasting memory retention. Uncover the secrets of human anatomy through dissecting animals like cows' eyes.

    Making Animal Dissections Accessible

    Simplified Integration: Effortless Lesson Planning with Dissections

    Overcome misconceptions about the complexity of animal dissections. Discover how easily they can be integrated into lessons, aligning with various curricula and age groups. Step-by-step photographic guides provide the support you need for a successful experience.

    Instilling Respect: Nurturing Appreciation for Life's Complexity

    Life's Intricacies Unveiled: Fostering Respect through Dissections

    Witness the transformational impact of animal dissections on students' respect for life and the natural world. Delve into the remarkable intricacies of animal functions, behaviors, and more, and gain a profound appreciation for the marvels of existence.

    Revolutionizing Dissections: Modernizing the Experience

    An Odorless Evolution: Improving the Dissection Experience

    Bid farewell to overwhelming smells in dissection labs. Learn how modern preservation methods eliminate unpleasant odors, providing a more pleasant and inviting environment for biological studies. Discover our commitment to humane practices and ethical sourcing.

    Small vs. Large Specimens: Tailoring Dissections to Experience

    Choosing Wisely: Selecting the Perfect Specimens

    Navigate the world of small and large animal specimens for tailored dissection experiences. Explore the simplicity of small animals for beginners and the complexity of large animals for advanced learners. Uncover the anatomical wonders of creatures like earthworms, frogs, and cows' eyes.

    All-in-One Kits: Your Path to Successful Dissections

    Empowering Educators: Unveiling Dissection Kits

    Experience the convenience of comprehensive dissection kits, designed for both homeschooling and traditional classrooms. Unbox preserved specimens, detailed guides, and essential tools, including gloves, aprons, and trays. Unveil the beauty of anatomy with confidence and ease.

    The Tools of the Trade: Mastering Dissection Techniques

    Precision in Practice: Navigating Dissection Tools

    Discover the essential tools within our kits, from forceps and scalpels to rulers and needles. Learn how to ensure tool sterility for safe and effective dissections. Equip yourself with the knowledge to confidently explore the intricacies of animal anatomy.

    Embrace the world of animal dissections and embark on a transformative journey of scientific discovery. Whether you're an educator or a curious learner, our comprehensive kits and insightful guides await your exploration. Open the door to a new realm of understanding and appreciation for life's complexities.

    Everything you need for a successful dissection including dissection animals, dissection kits, and dissection guides.