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    Dissection Kits

    Save time and money with a complete dissecting kit. Kits include the high-quality specimen, tools, and a dissection guide.

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    Dissection Specimens

    Find preserved specimens and organisms in plain, single, or double injection.

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    Choose from a wide selection of dissection guides and manuals so you can easily learn how to dissect everything from frogs to starfish to sheep hearts.

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    What to Get for Dissection

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See why animal dissection labs are irreplaceable for teaching students about anatomy. Get tips on planning a dissection. Plus, find step-by-step photographic instructions on dissecting a frog, fetal pig & more.

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Get helpful tips and step-by-step photographic instructions for dissecting a frog, fetal pig, grasshopper, crayfish & more! Animal dissection labs are irreplaceable for teaching students about anatomy and life science, and we can help make your home and classroom dissections more engaging and stress-free than ever.

HST provides essential and helpful animal dissection supplies for your Biology labs. Find a fun variety of preserved specimens, illustrated dissection guides with step-by-step instructions, scalpels, pins, trays & more. We provide the supplies, instructional support, and other needed materials for a well-rounded dissection experience! Hands-on animal dissections are now more doable than ever before - whether in your high school Biology class or in your home.

If you ever dissected a frog, earthworm, grasshopper, or any other critter in elementary, middle school, or high school, chances are you still remember it vividly. While there are animal dissection alternatives that eliminate the use of animals, few are as memorable as the Biology dissection of specimens that were once live animals. Yes, students can look at a photograph or do a virtual dissection when studying Biology... But seeing and exploring a specimen in an up-close & personal way gives students a more unique, in-depth understanding of the animals and concepts they're studying. By observing animals in this way, students can develop a deeper respect for the complexities of life and the world around them. Seeing details of physical structure can open students' eyes to how animals move, eat, reproduce, and interact with their natural habitats.

Here, you'll find all the school animal dissection supplies needed for your Biology classes: many different specimens to dissect, essential tools for students & more. Whether a high school science teacher, a homeschool parent, or any other type of educator, school district representative, or science enthusiast, you can get dissection supplies that help bring science to life in your classrooms, homeschools, or anywhere you choose.

For your at-home or classroom dissections , we provide cow eyes, sheep eyes, sheep hearts, sheep brains, sheep kidneys, sheep uteri, sheep plucks, perch, frogs, fetal pigs, crayfish, earthworms, starfish, clams, grasshoppers, squids, snakes, turtles, lampreys, dogfish sharks, rats, pigeons, rabbits, and minks.

Today's dissection specimens have little or no odor, are easy to handle, and are valuable, affordable learning tools for life science. Home and classroom dissections allow kids to see anatomy first-hand; it's a wonderful teaching method that helps Biology teachers, homeschool parents, and other educators to encourage and foster hands-on student learning. Discover how some mammal anatomy is similar to our own human anatomy, or observe how very different the internal structures of species can be. Animal dissections are unforgettable learning experiences for students of all ages.

When mapping our your Biology lesson plans, consider how valuable, memorable, and doable animal dissection can be. You'll never regret opening curious eyes to a whole new world of discovery and exploration!