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LIFEPAC Science Curriculum and Lab Kits

Self-paced workbooks and kits for this popular homeschool program from Alpha Omega.

What Others Are Saying About LIFEPAC
    • “It is great to have everything we need in one place. I thought I would try to get supplies separately but I am so glad I got this instead. So many labs in the 8th grade book It is great to have everything in one place (LIFEPAC Grade 8 Science Lab Kit)”

      — Christy T.

    • “This kit was amazing. I am so glad we purchased this kit to go along with the Lifepac Science. We would not have been able to do the science experiments without it! This is the first year my kids have actually enjoyed Science!!! Thanks so much! Will definitely be back! (LIFEPAC Grade 4 Science Lab Kit)”

      — Melissa N.

    • “This curriculum comes with 10 unit notebooks with short illustrated lessons that are easy for kids to understand and work through on their own. (LIFEPAC Science Grade 1 Curriculum Set)”

      — Angeles G.

    Discover the Benefits of LIFEPAC Science Curriculum by Alpha Omega Publications!

    Are you searching for effective and convenient science curriculum that caters to both independent learners and busy parents? Look no further than the Alpha Omega Publications LIFEPAC Science Curriculum. This curriculum is designed to provide a seamless and comprehensive learning experience for students in grades 1-12. Embracing a Christian creationist perspective, the LIFEPAC Science Curriculum offers a unique approach to science education.

    Independent Learning with LIFEPAC Science

    The LIFEPAC Science Curriculum by Alpha Omega Publications is an excellent choice for students who prefer to work independently through a workbook format. With workbooks included in each set, students have a structured and engaging path to explore various scientific concepts. This format not only promotes self-directed learning but also minimizes the preparation time for parents or educators.

    Comprehensive Teacher's Guide

    To further enhance the learning experience, each LIFEPAC Science set is complemented by a comprehensive Teacher's Guide. This invaluable resource provides parents and educators with essential tools to facilitate their students' progress. The Teacher's Guide includes answer keys, teaching tips, and additional resources to ensure a well-rounded education.

    LIFEPAC Lab Supplies Kits

    Hands-on experimentation and exploration are vital components of any science curriculum. Alpha Omega Publications recognizes this need and offers LIFEPAC lab supplies kits tailored to each grade level. These kits provide students with the materials and equipment necessary to conduct exciting and educational experiments that reinforce the concepts they learn in the workbooks.

    Suitable for All Grade Levels

    Whether you have a young aspiring scientist in first grade or a high school student exploring advanced scientific concepts, the LIFEPAC Science Curriculum has you covered. It spans grades 1 through 12, ensuring a seamless transition and consistent quality of education throughout a student's academic journey.

    A Christian Creationist Worldview

    One of the distinguishing features of the LIFEPAC Science Curriculum is its foundation in a Christian creationist worldview. This curriculum integrates faith and science, allowing students to explore scientific concepts while aligning with a biblical perspective on creation. It's an ideal choice for families seeking a curriculum that harmonizes science education with their Christian beliefs.

    The LIFEPAC Science Curriculum by Alpha Omega Publications is a top-tier choice for students and parents seeking a comprehensive, independent, and faith-based science education. With 10 workbooks, Teacher's Guides, lab supplies kits, and a Christian creationist worldview, this curriculum caters to a wide range of needs and preferences. Invest in your child's science education with the LIFEPAC Science Curriculum today and watch them thrive academically while strengthening their faith.