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Insect Lore Butterfly Garden, 11.5"
Insect Lore Live Butterfly Pavilion, 23"
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Science Gifts for Ages 5-7

Fun and educational science gifts for kindergarten.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Science Gifts
    • The Perfect Christmas Gift

      “I bought a set for one of my grandchildren last Christmas. The kids have so much fun, spend lots of time, and are very creative with this set. My daughter-in-law, who is a Montessori trained teacher, loves these so much that she requested sets for two of my grandchildren for this Christmas.”

      — Theresa W.

    • Christmas Gift Win!

      “I got this product for my son for Christmas And he LOVES it! He loves looking at the exotic x-rays! You could even see what the animals had eaten! AWESOME KIT!!!”

      — Sandi B.

    • A Winner Every Time

      “This was so informative and fun for my kids! I learned just as much as they did. The experiment activities really get the point across. This will be my third time buying it as it has been loved to death by each of my 6 six children, as each one approaches his turn of learning science.”

      — Crystal

    Discover Exciting Science Gifts for Kindergarten Kids

    Are you on the hunt for captivating science gifts for kindergarten-aged children? Look no further! We have a range of popular science gifts designed for kids aged 5 to 7, and we even offer STEM beginner science kits suitable for 4-year-olds.

    Our selection of science gifts for 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds, and 7-year-olds is carefully curated to foster a sense of discovery through hands-on exploration. As they delve into the world of science, these young minds will gain valuable scientific insights and create cherished memories.

    The finest science gifts for 5-year-olds provide them with hands-on experiences, allowing them to connect with the natural world and more. Meanwhile, our science gifts for 6-year-olds and 7-year-olds offer a deeper level of detail while still maintaining a fun and safe learning environment.

    Here are some of our top picks for young scientists:

    1. Grow-A-Frog Kit: Witness the incredible journey of a tadpole transforming into a frog, providing young learners with a firsthand experience of life's miracles.

    2. Butterfly Garden: Explore the enchanting process of metamorphosis as a caterpillar undergoes a magical transformation into a beautiful butterfly.

    3. Pocket Telescope: Encourage curiosity and exploration with a pocket-sized telescope that allows kids to observe the world from a different perspective.

    4. Bug Collecting Kit: Inspire budding entomologists to closely examine insects and discover the fascinating world of bugs.

    And much more! These science gifts are designed to engage young minds and ignite their passion for learning about the wonders of the natural world. Whether you're shopping for a 5-year-old beginner in STEM or a kindergarten-aged science enthusiast, our selection is sure to delight and educate.