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Chemistry Glassware and Plasticware

Real chemistry glassware and lab plasticware for home, school and laboratory.

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Glassware & plasticware are the foundation of any science lab. Explore different types of equipment and find easy hands-on experiments that use only lab glass and common household items.

Get the chemistry glassware and plasticware you need for your home or school chemistry lab! Be sure to check bulk pricing discounts if you’re ordering laboratory glassware or plasticware for a homeschool, co-op, or classroom lab. You may be able to save 5-20% on your order! All Home Science Tools (HST) products come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Explore the selection above to find a wide variety of chemistry glassware and plasticware for your chemistry studies - and your life science studies, too! Whether you're in need of a flat-bottom boiling flask or Graham condenser for your distillation apparatus, a set of glass volumetric flasks to complete your lab set-up, a round-bottom flask that can withstand high temperatures, or something else, you are sure to find the chemistry glassware or plasticware you need. 

Praise for HST Glassware & Plasticware

"Purchased glassware and chemicals to perform science demonstrations for grandkids aged 6-19. The supplies were of good quality and chemicals worked well. Finding a company that sells items for these purposes helped motivate me to do the demonstrations." -- Dennis K. 

"My supplies, including some glassware and chemicals, came through well packed and intact." -- Dwight W. 

"I love buying glassware from HST! It's a well made product and the prices are more than reasonable. It's always packaged carefully and if it does happen to break during shipping, they replace it for you without a fuss." -- Jesse S.

Glassware Accuracy

Our glassware is transparent, which will make it easier for your student(s) to read markings and measurements. For glass titrations, that means reliable and repeatable results. Our glassware doesn’t leach chemicals so your students’ work will be free from contamination. Perhaps most important? Your students will feel like real scientists using glassware during chem lab! Choose from glass beakersflasksgraduated cylinderstest tubesfunnelsbottles, whole chemistry kits (including our deluxe chemistry glassware set), and supporting equipment: cruciblesevaporating dishes, mortar and pestles, stopperstubing, and spot plates.

Glassware Durability

Our glassware comes from durable, chemical-resistant GG17 borosilicate glass (silica content of 80%). Silica, which makes up 59% of the Earth’s crust, is known for its mechanical strength. GG17 allows our glassware to withstand high “thermal shocks,” or damage caused by sudden swings in temperature. That said, should your glassware become scratched or cracked, replace it. While that might sound like an expensive suggestion, it's actually much cheaper than getting injured!

Plasticware Durability

HST’s chemistry plasticware, made from strong polypropylene, is an affordable option for any laboratory. It’s shatterproof, lighter than glass, and durable. It may also be recyclable. Many customers choose plasticware for elementary school students and other young scientists. You can ensure a long shelf life for your equipment by taking two precautions: First, never put plasticware over an open flame or on a hot surface. Do that and it’s liable to melt or catch fire! However, you may be able to microwave our plasticware in certain circumstances. Second, never use plasticware to hold strong acids, bases, or solvents. When in doubt, check the specs of the equipment and the safety sheet of the chemical. Choose from plastic beakersgraduated cylinderstest tubesfunnelsbottlesjars, and stoppers.

Cleaning and Storing Your Chemistry Glassware

Chemistry glassware works best when it’s clean and free from residue. To achieve that, wash your glass equipment after using it. The sooner, the better. This helps ensure chemicals don’t stick. You can use non-abrasive liquid soap to clean your glassware by hand. You can also run our glassware through your dishwasher or an autoclave (in most cases). Let your glassware air dry by turning it upside down on a paper towel. You’ll want to store your laboratory equipment and chemistry glassware in a place where it won’t collect dust. Glassware cupboards are a good choice. Make sure your glassware is in a stable position, where it won’t roll, fall, or collide with other equipment. Test tube racks are a great investment!

Cleaning and Storing Your Chemistry Plasticware

The process for cleaning and storing your chemistry plasticware is similar to that of glassware. You can wash by hand, in a sink, with liquid soap and a soft cloth or sponge. You can also run our plasticware through a dishwasher. Keep drying temperature under 140F to ensure the integrity of the equipment.

Shop our wide variety of chemistry glassware and lab plasticware for home, school and laboratory.