Chemistry glassware for labs.

Chemistry Glassware and Plasticware

Real chemistry glassware and lab plasticware for home, school and laboratory.

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  • Beakers

    High-quality borosilicate glass beakers & beaker sets for labs.

  • Chemistry Flasks
    Chemistry Flasks

    Flasks are narrow-necked vessels used for boiling, heating, cooling, mixing, and storing chemical solutions.

  • Graduated Cylinders
    Graduated Cylinders

    Our graduated cylinders range in size from 10 to 1000 ml and are made of borosilicate glass or durable polypropylene or polystyrene.

  • Pyrex Lab Glassware
    Pyrex Lab Glassware

    Choose from a large selection of Pyrex beakers and flasks for your science lab applications. 

  • Test Tubes
    Test Tubes

    Find glass and plastic test tubes, wooden or plastic test tube racks, and other test tube equipment.

  • Funnels

    Assorted laboratory funnels, made from glass, plastic, and porcelain, in several sizes for various chemistry functions.

  • Burettes

    See various-sized burettes with stopcocks, plus ring stands and clamps for chemistry processes.

  • Pipettes and Droppers
    Pipettes and Droppers

    Pipettes (pipettors) and lab droppers permit precise and controlled liquid transfer. Selection, includes serological, volumetric, and more. 

  • Bottles and Jars
    Bottles and Jars

    Get glass or plastic containers for storing your solutions and mixtures safely. Find a wide range of sizes and types.

  • Spot Plates
    Spot Plates

    A spot plate is for watching reactions take place.

  • Mortar and Pestles
    Mortar and Pestles

    A mortar and pestle is used for grinding solid chemicals and crushing into fine powders. 

  • Crucibles

    Find crucibles with lids that are rated to withstand high heat up to 1050 ° Fahrenheit. 


From the Learning Center

Glassware & plasticware are the foundation of any science lab. Explore different types of equipment and find easy hands-on experiments that use only lab glass and common household items.

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Stock your chemistry lab with quality glassware at a low price!

Even simple experiments turn out better with the right chemistry glassware for mixing and measuring. Stir up colorful reactions in test tubes and flasks and use beakers and graduated cylinders for measuring liquids.

Volumetric glassware and storage bottles allow you to keep unused solutions for another day. Lab plasticware won't break if it's dropped, so it's perfect for the youngest scientists.

Too many science glassware/plasticware options? We can help! For your convenience, we sell a set of essential chemistry glassware, pre-packaged and ready for your chemistry lab.

While the Home Science Tools line of chemistry lab glassware costs less than name brands, it rivals them in performance. It's made of durable, chemical-resistant borosilicate glass that's ideal for student use. We also stock funnels and other inexpensive glass labware, like bottles and evaporating dishes.