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Lab Scales and Balances

Scientific spring scales, lab scales, and balances for weighing; mechanical and educational.

Shop lab scales from Ohaus and Home Science Tools. Find a quality lab scale at a sensible price!

A scientific balance (also called scientific scale) comes in various sizes, shapes, and weight capacities. And you'll find them all here!

A digital scale or balance is used for weighing precision measurements of a small amount of material — such as powdered chemicals. Past customers especially love the tare feature of the digital scales! In function, they serve the same purpose as a triple beam balance. But digital scales are smaller, easier to use, and take less time to set up, making them great for younger students and homeschools.

Spring scales (also spring balance) are designed with a fixed spring on one end and a hook for suspending things the other. Using Hooke’s Law, these balances measure force in newtons or pounds, but are usually marked to measure mass as well. Shop a selection of spring scales ranging from 1 N to 50 N (100 g to 5000 g) and tubular push/pull balances.