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Kitchen Science Kits

What is kitchen science? Find out with kitchen science kits for kids.

Turn your kitchen or classroom into a science lab with kitchen science kits.

Students will mix up tasty treats and experiment with food science. Finally, kids have a reason to play with their food!

Since everybody eats every day, kitchen science kits for kids are an easy way to highlight how science is relevant in normal life. And since many students love learning activities that involve food, these kits please teachers and kids alike. Plus, many of them include prompts for science fair projects.

Kitchen science kits for kids teach chemistry concepts through memorable—and edible—projects. Students can make and eat their own chocolate, cheese, ice cream, and sugar crystals.

Discover the nutrients within common foods using a Chemistry of Food Experiment Kit. Explore chromatography with candy, test foods for vitamin C content, and more!

Kitchen science kits include the science supplies, chemicals, and necessary non-perishable food items. Perishable food items, common household supplies, and optional items, are typically not included. 

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