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Force and Motion Measuring Equipment

Force, motion, and equipment used to measure force & teach physics to students

Explore the world of physics to understand how physical forces work. Find tools to study friction, density, and more.

If you're teaching physics to kids, you'll need equipment used to measure force. What is force? In its simplest terms, force is the push or pull on an object. So weight, which measures the gravitational pull on an object, is a force!

But here you'll find supplies to go far beyond just the basics of force and motion. Instead, shop a selection of equipment used to measure force in any grade.

Introduce beginners to force and motion through fun, hands-on science exercises. Students in AP and advanced STEM studies will appreciate the special apparatus, individual tools, and kits.

Shop spring scales that read in Newtons and grams. Also find a variety of other supplies to study mass, weight, density, and force. Use a spark timer to visualize and measure velocity and acceleration of different objects. Discover the principles of momentum and kinetic energy with a collision kit. Or buy the collision car separately to measure the force of a collision.