Earth Science
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Earth Science Products, Kits & Tools

Earth science products and space educational supplies for labs and classrooms.

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From making models to charting weather, find Earth & Space Science projects that are out of this world. Simulate the rock cycle and the water cycle, discover the stars of the night sky, and more.

Earth science rocks! Whether you're interested in rocks and minerals, volcanoes, tornadoes, or the solar system, you'll find great products and lab activities to explore earth and space science -- including a variety of earth science lab kits, telescopes, weather equipment, fossil sets, rock tumblers, and much more.

Rock tumblers are just one way that kids can discover more about the world they live in. Using a rock tumbling kit, they can explore how nature polishes rocks by using water and other rocks, and thus how erosion can change landforms over time. Refill supplies are available; our Rock Tumbler Refill Kit comes with a half-pound of rough semi-precious stones, including amethyst, jasper & agate.

Rock enthusiasts can also use our various kits and a magnifier to collect and study rocks and minerals such as igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, fossils, crack-open geodes, and more.

Our earth science kits, tools, and supplies guide elementary, middle school, and high school students through hands-on explorations of life science.