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Geology for Kids

Kits & tools for kid geologists to study volcanoes, earthquakes & Earth.

One way to make geology for kids meaningful is by letting them dig right in. Here you'll find a variety of geology kits for kids that let them do just that.

As the science of the Earth's structure, history and processes, geology explores amazing phenomena. Volcanoes and earthquakes are among the most powerful and destructive forces on Earth. Learning about them with models, kits, and more enthralls kids' imaginations and excites them to learn more. Shop geology supplies to teach about volcanoes and earthquakes, maps and compasses, contour models, soil testing, and experience hands-on learning with geology tools. The complete Rock Hound's Backpack Kit introduces kids to rocks and minerals and how to test them, collect them, and more. Students can explore the causes and forces behind the earth's terrain with hands-on simulations. Learn about landforms and the geological phenomena that made them with geology kits for kids. For free activities, worksheets, and projects, see our Earth Science Projects. Looking for other kits and collections? See Rocks & Minerals.