Preserved Dissection Specimens

Specimens and preserved animals for dissection.

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Q. Are you feeling squeamish or excited about dissection?

Whatever your answer, we want to make this essential biology topic easy and affordable for you. And enjoyable, too! You’ll be able to see how organs work together and bodies function. One of the most commonly used dissection specimens for beginners is a frog, which demonstrates how our own heart, liver, and even intestines work.

These are all preserved in formaldehyde and then rinsed in a glycol solution, ensuring they are fully decay-resistant but without a strong "preserved" smell like other dissection specimens. Most are single-injected with red latex (to clearly show arteries) or double-injected with red and blue latex (to show arteries and veins). Order 10+ and receive a bulk discount!

For more ideas, see our Owl Pellet Kit or get a different complete dissection kit to make it really easy!