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Specimens and preserved animals for dissection.

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Shop a variety of preserved specimens for dissection. Whether dissecting for a homeschool curriculum, classroom project, or just for fun, we've got you covered. Find dissection animals like frogs, fetal pigs, squid, rabbits, turtles, sharks, and more, plus some organs.

Dissection Specimen Basics: Our fully preserved specimens do not need refrigeration. Specimens are injected with red and/or blue latex to clearly show the arteries and veins.

Dissection kits include basic dissection tools. Individual specimens do not. You'll also need a dissection tray, pins, a scalpel, and scissors.

Bulk dissection specimens come in a 10-pack. So, if you order 14 sheep eyes, you’ll get a vacuum pack of 10, plus four packaged individually. If you don't use them all at once, repack each one in a heavy-duty zip-lock bag. Add a little water or glycerin to keep the specimens moist.

Q. Are you feeling squeamish or excited about dissection?

Whatever your answer, we want to make this essential biology topic easy and affordable for you. And enjoyable, too! With our preserved dissection specimens, you'll see how organs work together and bodies function.

One of the most commonly used dissection specimens for beginners is a frog, which demonstrates how our own heart, liver, and even intestines work.

Our dissection animals are all preserved in formaldehyde and then rinsed in a glycol solution. This process ensures they are fully decay-resistant but without a strong "preserved" smell like other dissection specimens. Most are single-injected with red latex (to clearly show arteries) or double-injected with red and blue latex (to show arteries and veins).

Order 10+ and receive a bulk discount!

For more ideas, see our Owl Pellet Kit or get a different complete dissection kit to make it really easy!