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Nature Studies for Kids

Nature kits & books to explore the wonders of nature for kids.

Nature for kids is like a playground. Why not also make it a classroom? The outdoors offer endless opportunities for adventure and learning. Give kids all they need to explore the wonders of nature with a variety of books, supplies, and nature kits.

From watching birds to collecting leaves, there is so much to see in nature! Head outside with the Young Naturalist's Backpack Kit, full of exploration tools, like an insect net, magnifier, and plant press. Kids as young as 4 years old will love the Science On a Nature Walk Kit from Magic School Bus. Also check out our nature field guides, nature backpack kits, binoculars, and more to make nature for kids more educational.

A Sunprint Kit and Plant Press join art and science for fun STEAM projects that pull double duty. First, forage for plants in nature, and then preserve them with one-of-a-kind art projects!

Any trip outside becomes a science lesson with a list of activities to do and items to find. Get started exploring with a free Nature Scavenger Hunt!