Electricity & Electronics
Electricity and Electronics Kits
Bristlebot Robotics Classroom Kit
BlueBot 4-in-1 Robotics Kit
Electricity Essentials Set
Veggie Power Battery Kit
Thames & Kosmos Robotics, Smart Machines
Thames & Kosmos Kids First Coding & Robotics
Electronic Sensors Kit
BlueBot 4-in-1 Robotics Classroom Kit
Investigating Electricity Kit
Snap Circuits 300 Kit
Build Your Own Crystal Radio Kit

Electronics Kits for Kids & Students

Electricity and electronic kits for kids and students from elementary to high school.

Spend more time learning and less time fiddling with top-rated open-ended electronics kits.

While it's a vital part of any physics study, electronics can be intimidating to teach and learn. But while you can't see electricity, you can make it reveal itself with hands-on circuit activities. Electronics kits for kids let students—or hobbyists—create electronic devices and learn how they work. These complete kits make it easy to get started on basics or do in-depth projects. Instead of laboring over theory, these electronics kits allow learning by doing.

Hands-on science provides unforgettable educational value. Snap Circuits let children see electricity in action with light, sound, and green energy projects. littleBits emphasizes creativity and design, rather than following instructions, for learning without limits. MOSS and Cubelets make modular robotics accessible for kids as young as 4.

These kits prove electricity concepts about electrons, atoms, current, circuits, and more. With the science behind electronics kits for students made visible, learning results naturally. As one satisfied customer said, these kits are "really cool and interactive [and] easy to figure out."