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Electricity Science Kit

Ages 10+
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This Introduction to Electricity Kit teaches about parallel and series circuits, light bulbs, resistors, diodes, and motors. Read More

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This Introduction to Electricity Kit teaches about:

  • parallel and series circuits
  • current flow
  • positive charge and negative charge
  • electrical energy
  • current electricity
  • electric charge
  • electric circuits
  • electric fields
  • light bulbs, insulators, resistors, diodes, and motors
  • and so much more!

Similar to our Investigating Electricity Kit (EL-KIT01) but without a solar cell, this economical introductory kit provides everything you need to learn the basics of electricity and Ohm's law. Learn about electrical circuits, electrical power, magnetic fields, static electricity, electrical current, direct current, and alternating current with this hands-on, power-charged kit! Measure electric current and ponder the potential difference in energy with this unique kit.

A study guide teaches you how electricity works with six experiments that gets you started with the important concepts related to each component, but we believe the best way to learn about electricity and how it is proportional to electric potential energy is through hands-on trial and error. That's why this kit offers the freedom to design your own circuits, learn about electric power, and figure things out for yourself. All the materials for the experiments are included.

Joules, amperes, and capacitors oh my! Want to use this kit for an electric current or energy source focused science fair project? See our experiment ideas to get you started. You can also shop for other best selling electric generator products to broaden your understanding of the flow of electrons, protons, electrons, neutrons, charged particles, how electrons move, mechanical energy, coulomb, and more! 

Science Fair Project Ideas:

  • How can you control the speed and direction of a DC motor? Test your ideas, and record the results.
  • How do resistors affect a circuit when they are used in parallel or series?
  • How can you use a voltage regulator to convert high voltages to safer, lower voltages? Compare the voltage regulator circuit to a simple resistor circuit.

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Introduction to Electricity Kit contents

  • 2x Battery holder, for D-size 
  • Battery, D-size, 2/pack (brand may vary)
  • Switch, knife type, SPST
  • 2x Alligator clip wires, 2/pack
  • 2x Bulb holder
  • 2x Bulb, screw base, 3.7-volt
  • 2x Resistors, ¼ watt, 4.7 ohm
  • Diode, 1 amp (blocking)
  • Motor, DC, 0.5-6 volt
  • Propeller, plastic


Warning: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Adult supervision required.
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