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Discover the bustling world of life that exists beyond the naked eye. Browse microscope activities and projects that reveal the tiny mysteries all around us. Make your own slides, see how microscopes help solve crimes & more!

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When you're looking at microscopes for sale, you have a lot to consider.

Is a compound microscope what you need, or is a stereo microscope the way to go? Is the price of name brand microscopes worth it? Or can you get the same product quality for less money? Is there a difference between microscopes for kids and microscopes for teenagers? What type of eyepiece and objective lenses, phase contrast, light source, electron beam, total magnification, and different angles should you be considering?

We get it! Investing in a children's microscope is an important decision—for your budget and their education. And we can help.

Whether you need student microscopes for life science experiments, full microscope systems for high school, hobbyist microscopes for weekend projects, or want to make your own microscope slides, we offer high-quality microscopic equipment to investigate small objects and the microscopic world around you.

So what type of microscope are you looking for? Here are just a few options, and some of our best sellers:

  • Compound microscopes (great for brightfield microscopy)
  • Digital microscopes
  • Light microscopes and fluorescence microscopes (optical microscopes)
  • Dissecting microscopes
  • Monocular, Binocular, and Trinocular microscopes

In addition to our selection of affordable microscopes for sale, we also offer a wealth of free resources. Find worksheets and experiments, a microscope diagram, a gift guide, a brief history of microscopes, and more. Our simple microscopes and free resources bring you into the world of light microscopy as you've never seen before!

Depending on your needs, the first microscope you buy could also be your last. Or if you're looking to upgrade, we have professional microscopes for sale, too.