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Dual Power Stereo Microscope, 20/40X Model

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This deluxe dual-power stereo microscope provides you with 20x or 40x magnification simply by rotating the 2x/4x objective. Use it to look up close at tiny water protozoa, mineral crystals, circuit boards, and more. Read More

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Study biology and stereomicroscopy with this high-quality dual power stereo microscope!

Unlike high power magnification found in compound microscopes, this user-friendly microscope provides you with a low magnification of 20x or a low magnification of 40x, making it an excellent tool for studying dissection specimens, small outdoor discoveries, and more! Rather than rotating to different objective lenses, simply rotate the 2x/4x common main objective lens turret to navigate from one end of the magnification range to the other. Things take on a new perspective under low-power magnification!

Use the ergonomic binocular microscope head on this stereo microscope (which provides two optical paths) to discover previously-unseen details in tiny pond water creatures, rock crystals, butterfly wings, and more! Students can also make this a "monocular" microscope by looking through one eyepiece instead of both.

This binocular stereo microscope features a high-quality optical system, including a fixed stereo head for 3D unreversed viewing, a dependable rack and pinion focusing, as well as top and bottom tungsten lighting to give you the best view of specimens. This high-quality optical microscope is 13" tall.

Better yet, this Home Science Tools stereo microscope model undergoes detailed quality control and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This versatile 20x / 40x stereo microscope has a wide range of uses:

  • At home or in the classroom to examine leaves, insects, rocks, etc.
  • Industrial purposes such as circuit board inspection & repair
  • By collectors to view coins, stamps, and rocks up close
  • As a dissection scope to get a closer look at organs, etc.





  • Paired WF10x widefield inclined eyepieces (15mm exit pupil distance)
  • Binocular fixed head features left diopter (±5 diopters) and 55-75mm interpupillary adjustment to compensate for differences between your eyes
  • Rotating turret has dual 2x and 4x objectives (for 20x and 40x magnification); change magnification by rotating the objective turret 180° to positive click stops
  • Objectives are parcentered, parfocalled, and achromatic to prevent color distortion and stay in focus when you switch magnification levels
  • True stereoscopic imaging provides 3-dimensional viewing
  • Field of view is 10mm at 20x and 5mm at 40x
  • Heavy-duty rack and pinion focusing, with slip clutch and tension adjustment
  • Working distance is 55mm and maximum specimen height is 55mm on-stage; post-mount design allows use with larger specimens to approximately 120mm off-stage
  • 95mm reversible black/white contrast stage plate (black for light objects) and 95mm translucent plate (use with bottom lighting)
  • Locked on stage clips
  • Top and bottom high-intensity lighting are both standard 10-watt tungsten with rotary switch that allows top lighting, bottom lighting, or both top and bottom lighting simultaneously
  • Rugged cast aluminum base and frame, stands 13" tall
  • Includes operating instructions, rubber eyeshields, a dust cover, and replacement bulb
  • Replacement tungsten bulbs available

Note: Some earlier models of this microscope require replacement halogen bulbs.

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