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Chemistry Crucibles

Laboratory science crucibles for chemistry with lids for melting and heating.

A crucible is a type of laboratory glassware designed to melt or burn solid chemicals over a burner. Made from heat-resistant ceramic or metal, they'll withstand high temperatures up to 1050° Fahrenheit.

Shop a selection of low form and high form cast crucibles with lids, ranging in size from 15 ml to 50 ml. Note that lids fit loosely to allow venting of gases. Made from nonporous glazed porcelain that's non-reactive and easy-to-clean. Complete your crucibles chemistry set up with tongs and clay triangles (which can be hard to find, although it's essential!).

Past Home Science Tools customers have found that these perform best when heat is added slowly. Spontaneous eruption of fire will crack the vessel. Read what two happy customers had to say:

"I am very happy with its ability to take the heat when melting gold and silver."
"Perfect for the home hobbyist or professional lab."