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Green Science Kits

Green science kits, tools, supplies & projects to explore the environment for kids.

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Teaching environmental science can be easy, since exploring the environment, for kids, feels like play. And with the right tools and supplies to study the environment for children, it will also be fun!

What is environmental science and why is it important? Environmental science is the study of the natural world where humans live and the natural resources that humans need.

Discovering the environment for kids includes biology studies mixed with chemistry and physics. The purpose is to uncover environmental problems on Earth and create solutions. It covers topics like: pollution, water quality, recycling, waste disposal, public health, and more.

Use these kits and supplies for hands-on exploration of weather, soil, renewable energy, oil spill clean up, and more. Find individual and classroom-sized kits to accommodate classrooms, co-ops, and homeschools. Bring the environment for kids home today!