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Science kits, tools, supplies & projects to explore the environment for kids.

Teaching environmental science is a whole lot of fun and SO much easier than you might think.

From a child's perspective, exploring the environment can often feel more like playtime than school time! Equipped with the right tools, supplies, science toys, and green science kits, you and your kids will have a blast studying the world around you.

When studying environmental science, you can use a robot kit to build a solar rover and explore solar energy, conduct water purification experiments to learn more about pollution and the importance of clean water, use mud to activate LED light bulbs and generate electricity, and so much more. The options are endless!

What is environmental science? And why is it so important?

Environmental science is the study of the natural world where humans live and the natural resources that humans need. The more that kids can explore and learn about these things, the better they'll understand some of our world's complexities, and the better prepared they'll be for their adult lives.

As kids delve into environmental studies, they'll be learning a mixture of biology, chemistry, and physics. The purpose of studying such things is to uncover environmental problems on Earth, and even more importantly, to discover and create solutions. Environmental science covers topics such as pollution, water quality, recycling, waste disposal, public health, and so much more.

Several of these engaging green science kits are some of our best sellers. Far more than just simple crafts kits, they're excellent educational toys and STEM toys that walk your children through activities, such as water purification experiments, green energy robotics kit experiments, solar power studies, and so much more.

Using these green science kits and their detailed instructions, your 5+-year-olds can conduct a wide variety of DIY science experiments as they explore concepts such as weather science, soil, solar robots, renewable energy, eco-engineering, oil spill clean up, solar energy, and more. You'll find both individual and classroom-sized green energy kits to accommodate classrooms, co-ops, and homeschools. Note that many of these green science kits contain small parts and require adult supervision if used with young children.

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