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Microscope Slides & Coverslips

Everything you need to make microscope slides and coverslips.

Find all the microscope slide supplies, microscope slides, and coverslips you need!

Buy individual slides and accessories. Pick clear or frosted microscopes slides, even a pre-cleaned set. Coverslips and slides are both available in glass or plastic. A slide storage box keeps your slides safe until you're ready to use them.

Or, for the best price, get everything you need in one convenient set, like the Microscopic Life Kit. Complete slidemaking kits have all you need to prepare your own specimens, from bacteria to protists to plants. And you can learn advanced slide staining techniques with the Gram Stain Kit.

Shop a selection of microscope slides and coverslips, biological stains, mounting fluid, and more. Plus, read the product reviews for tips from our customers!

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