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Force & Motion for Kids & Students

Student force and motion kits for kids, plus classroom supplies for physics study.

See physics principles in action with these complete kits designed for interactive lessons. Study inclined planes, friction, density, sound, inertia, hydraulics, and much more.

Student science kits prove the laws of force and motion for kids. They'll discover Newton's laws, put gravity to the test, and more with unforgettable experiments. Provided meaningful lessons that connect concepts to real life. These force and motion kits provide hands-on learning opportunities that drive lessons home. Kids can launch a rocket and defy gravity, apply multiple forces to move an object, and more.

Find boxed kits from Thames & Kosmos, Engino, Science Buddies, and ScienceWiz for kids age 8 and up. Then shop a selection of more advanced force and motion kits for junior high and high school students. Several kits are appropriate for AP physics studies, too, like the Inclined Plane Set. And the Force Table makes a great addition to any physics classroom. Homeschool parents laud the Physics Experiment Lab Kit, and kids get excited about learning with all of the above!

Finally, you can teach force and motion for kids in a way that's as educational as it is entertaining!