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Microscope Accessories & Supplies

You found a microscope that you love — now what? Make the most of your worthwhile investment with the right microscope accessories!

When most people think of microscope accessories, they only think of one thing: prepared slides. And it's easy to see why! Without microscope slides, you wouldn't get much use out of your 'scope. But there are other complementary microscope parts and products to consider, as well.

A mechanical stage makes a good microscope even better; microscope stages make for easier and more precise slide positioning for better viewing. Books with experiments, illustrations, and how-to's will guide you through using your microscope, which is especially useful for beginners or students working alone. Replacement bulbs, immersion oil, and cleaning supplies are microscope accessories that help you maintain your microscope well. Slide holders provide excellent slide storage, and carrying cases help protect your microscope throughout its lifetime. Browse the above 'Cases, Bulbs & Accessories' category to get replacement halogen, LED, tungsten, and fluorescent light bulbs, as well as objective lenses, eyepieces, and more to keep your microscope in service year after year.

Additionally, find all of the microscope accessories needed to prepare your own specimens - blank slides, coverslips, cover glass, microscope slide making kits, and a mix of biological stains! We also sell individually prepared microscope slides, as well as sets of prepared slides for you to study and enjoy.

Hands-on kits, like the Slidemaking Kit or Microscopic Life Kit, help you use your microscope to the fullest right away! These microscope kits are specially-designed and packaged for your convenience; they make slide preparation easy, and they'll have you looking at bacteria, protists, plants, and more in no time!

Browse through our diverse selection of microscope kits. Use stains, such as methylene blue and eosin Y, inside our microscope stain kits to identify types of bacteria, learn other techniques to make using your microscope even more exciting with our Microscopic Discovery Kit, and take great care of your microscope with our handy Microscope Cleaning Kit. Some of our bestsellers include our Bacteria Growing Kit, our Gram Stain Kit, our General Microscope Slide Set, our Microscope Kit for Apologia Biology, and more!