Rocks, Minerals and Crystals for Kids

Collect and study rocks & minerals like a pro rockhound!

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Easily introduce kids of any age to the science of geology, simply through collecting rocks and minerals. A rock collection often becomes a treasured box of memories, as well as a favorite science experience. 

Not the laid-back collecting type? By purchasing a set of rocks and minerals for sale, your enthusiast can get going immediately! We have sets of rocks for kids who are interested in testing for color streak and hardness, magnetism, carbonates, and more.

Think rocks and minerals lack action? Get smashing with a rock pick, safety goggles, and a set of geodes to unlock unique mineral deposits or beautiful crystals!

Kids are amazed to learn that every rock has a life story and are formed through natural processes – they aren’t just ‘born’ the way they look now. They’ll learn how time, temperature, pressure, and erosion have worked to uniquely shape them.

Looking for the perfect gift? Consider a complete set of rocks and minerals for kids or the Rock Hound’s Backpack Kit.

Use our free rock hound expedition guide (.pdf) for handy checklists and ideas!