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Compound microscopes for home, labs, kids, beginners and teachers on a budget.

If you're a parent, student, or science teacher looking for affordable compound microscopes, you're in the right place. The Home compound light microscope line provides high-quality and ease of use. The Kids version is great for elementary age children. And if you're doing microbiology labs, try the Ultimate microscope with 1000x magnification. For the most serious scientists, the Lab binocular microscope offers the highest quality.

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Compound microscopes magnify details and structure in the study of cells and tiny organisms in biology and life science. Most homeschool families and hobbyists will need one with at least 400x power.

How do compound microscopes work? They use visible light and lenses (objective and eyepiece) to provide magnification. The eyepiece (where you look through) can be a monocular, binocular, dual-head, or trinocular. The first one and last two are compatible with special microscope digital cameras.

A mechanical stage allows precise slide control. Though it's not necessary, it makes viewing slides easier. Any of the 1000x microscopes above include an integrated mechanical stage built in. You also can add one to most other compound microscopes.