Dissection Guides
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Dissection Guides

Dissection manuals guide labs & teach how to dissect.

Shop a wide selection of biology dissection manuals for middle-school, high-school, and college-level biology labs. With HST's dissecting guides, you'll learn how to dissect many different preserved specimens.

Find manuals for aquatic animals: squid, starfish, shark, clam perch, frogs, and crayfish. Get guides for "bugs:" worm and grasshopper. Also browse dissection guides for mammals and their organs: fetal pigs, rats, cow eyes, sheep hearts, sheep brains, and more. Your illustrated and photographic guide will list the dissection tools needed, show you where to make cuts, and describe what you're seeing.

The How To Dissect book contains instructions for multiple specimens. Also check out our free online dissection guides.