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Careers at HST

Home Science Tools is committed to being a great place to work.

About Us

We LOVE science. Like a LOT. But we also love working with people like you. See if we are a good fit for you by learning more about us.

Our History

Founded by homeschoolers, Frank and Debbie Schaner started Home Science Tools as a way to help serve other homeschool families and make the wonder of science accessible and affordable.

As seasoned homeschoolers, they discovered it was not possible to order small quantity science supplies for at-home experiments. With their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to serve other families, Frank and Debbie recognized an opportunity to buy supplies in bulk and make smaller orders available to other homeschool families, elevating inspired learning for children all around the US.

Today, Home Science Tools has served over 1,000,000+ families and ships all around the world.

Meet Our Leadership Team!

Our Culture

At Home Science Tools, our purpose is we are dedicated to igniting a joy for learning science. We accomplish this by following a mission where we inspire learning through hands-on science discovery at home. And we lead with a vision that every family can experience the wonder and joy of discovering the world through science, resulting in a richer human experience for generations.

As we pursue our purpose, mission, and vision, we do so while laying a foundation of core values that guide us in mapping out decisions internally (with each other) and externally (with customers).

Culture Club!

Home Science Tools finds inspiration from many avenues, but we often find we are most inspired by each other. We have a Culture Club that is led by the employees at Home Science Tools and is voluntary. Many of our employees take time out of their day to help brainstorm amazing event ideas to help bring fun to life in the office. We would love to see you there!

Our Values

Family is our deepest human relationship. We work in a way that supports and strengthens that bond for our customers, employees, and partners.


Faith enriches our spirit and gives us hope beyond what is tangible. We respect the faith journey of each person and operate with Christian principles of respect, stewardship, integrity, and accountability.


Wonder fuels curiosity to discover the unknown. We are passionate about instilling a joy of life-long learning.


Life is a continuous journey. We value and promote individual growth and work together to challenge each other daily, regardless of age and ability.


Our Core Commitments

Customer Commitment

It means we care about our customers – not as a sale or an order, but as real people trying to make a difference in our world. In particular, we recognize our customers as people committed to learning and teaching science and we are here to provide the tools and service to help them succeed. Customer commitment means we work hard to know our customer and understand their needs. It also means we consistently exceed our customer’s needs and expectations with the value and selection of our products, the timeliness and quality of our service and the helpfulness of our website content.

Respect All

Respect all means we respect and value one another: customers, vendors, co-workers, supervisors – everyone. It also means we value teamwork because we realize that the only way we can successfully fulfill our purpose is through teamwork. Respect all also means we maintain relationships of trust and are open and honest with one another.

Great Work

It’s about being accountable – having a job to do, doing it with excellence to the very best of our ability, and achieving results. It means we work hard together, with the same core focus, and for the greater good. Great work means we set high standards and expectations for ourselves and others and we are focused on results, what we actually accomplish, rather than just activity. Great work also means we are not satisfied with status quo but consistently seek to do things better and smarter today than we did yesterday.

Great Place

Home Science Tools is a great place to work because each of us makes it a great place. We are proud to be part of the HST team, we enjoy our work and find it satisfying and fulfilling, we have fun doing it, and we maintain positive attitudes and a healthy sense of humor. Great place is enjoying what you do and wanting to come to work every day, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

What Our Associates Are Saying

“I appreciate how welcoming the HST family is – I feel like I am a part of a family.”

Lindsey Rose, Content Coordinator

“I appreciate how genuine and intentional the leadership is in thanking their employees; their hand-written thank you notes brighten my day!”

Megan Wall, Product SEO Coordinator

“One of my favorite things about working at Home Science Tools is the fact that we get to be part of helping families across the country and across the globe inspire curiosity and wonder about the world around them.”

Trevor, Product Director

We are located in beautiful Billings, Montana—a great place to live, work, and enjoy life.


  • Competitive salary
  • 401(k) plan
  • Medical & dental insurance
  • Disability & life Insurance


Strategic Sourcing Manager

This role will lead Procurement including one direct report and over 3 million dollars in annual spend across hundreds of vendors and 3000+ products. The person in this role will daily execute sourcing, negotiating and buying to ensure operational continuity and meeting growth objectives. As the primary buyer, this person is a strong individual contributor as well as an excellent leader. This person encourages teamwork, drives supply-related continuous improvement efforts and proactively communicates across the organization and with external partners/vendors to grow our capacity, capability and reputation. This person has a keen eye for detail, analysis and exceptional commitment to product quality and customer needs.

Home Science Tools positions include a competitive wage; paid holiday and PTO (paid time off); generous medical, dental and vision benefits available; and generous 401(k) plan contributions. Email resume, cover letter, and completed application to Trevor Zuroff at [email protected]

Strategic Sourcing Manager Job Description

Warehouse Clerk

This position is instrumental in Home Science Tools’ desire to delight each customer with best in class warehousing while also identifying opportunities to continually improve the business.

A part-time position: We offer competitive pay and bonus; paid vacation and holiday time. Needs flexibility to increase hours during our busy seasons (summer and December) and reduce hours during slower seasons.
Email resume, cover letter and completed application for employment to David Petsch at [email protected]

Warehouse Clerk Job Description

Customer Service Representative

To further the company’s core focus of igniting curiosity and enriching lives for generations by providing the tools to engage and foster science discovery. In particular this position provides our customers with an exceptional service through customer service processes by going above and beyond our customers expectation, so that they come away from any contact with us feeling special, well helped, and that their money is well spent.

A full or part-time position: We offer competitive pay and bonus; paid vacation and holiday time.

Email resume, cover letter and completed application for employment to to Brandy Hansen, [email protected]

Customer Service Representative Job Description