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Orion StarBlast 6" Astro Telescope
Image of Celestron Explorascope 114AZ Telescope close-up.
Image of Starsense Explorer LT 80AZ
Image of the telescope zoomed-in.
Image of Celestron Starsense Explorer DX 130AZ
image of telescope
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Telescopes & Space Science

Astronomy kits & equipment, observatory gear, and telescopes for kids and adults.

Telescopes for kids bring them closer to the stars and launch them into galaxy exploration. Observe objects in the night sky and learn a new hobby: astronomy.

There are four common types of telescopes for kidsor anyone who is new to stargazing. Reflector, Refractor, Dobsonian, and Hybrid. Find the first three here, with models from Orion and Levenhuk, plus less expensive options for children. Making a DIY version is a fun optical activity that demonstrates how a telescope works.

Binoculars (Celestron & Simmons) also offer rewarding amateur sky watching opportunities. Use them to bring craters of the Moon, and more, into focus.

Shop space-themed gifts and kits like the Remote-Control Machines: Space Kit.

R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey and Real Science-4-Kids both have great curriculum to consider for earth and space science studies.