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Apologia High School Astronomy Textbook

Ages 14+
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This brand new Apologia high school astronomy softcover textbook will spark curiosity in your high school student. Experience God's majesty while learning about our night sky in a flexible, unique learning environment. Read More

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This Apologia high school astronomy textbook is the perfect elective course for your high school students in 9th-12th grade, no prerequisites required!

Have you ever been blessed with the opportunity to look up at a night’s sky so glorious that you forgot that your feet are fixed upon the Earth? Brand new to Apologia Science, this elective Apologia high school astronomy course is designed specifically to help your student sense the mystery of our Creator within the mysterious discoveries by scientific study of our universe. Some of the reading utilizes mathematical equations to support its scientific findings.

This unique Apologia high school astronomy textbook covers topics including:

  • Space and interstellar space
  • Normal matter, antimatter, and dark matter
  • Black holes and wormholes
  • The history of Astronomy
  • Astronomical measurement 
  • The solar system model
  • The sun and electromagnetic spectrum
  • Inner planets
  • Orbital mechanics
  • The moon
  • Types of Telescopes
  • Outer planets
  • Dwarf planets and the asteroid belt
  • Stars and constellations
  • Galaxies
  • Celestial navigation

The elective 490 page softcover text travels through our universe making connections for students to contemplate without the pressure of exams that core science materials require. Our Creator founded the Earth with wisdom and established the heavens by understanding. Trusting in the providence of our God, Exploring Creation with High School Astronomy uses the scientific and mathematical constants of the universe to reveal the beauty of creation. Experiencing God’s signature, in all of its majesty, brings us closer to our Creator and inspires us to strive for greater things.

Astronomy is the perfect complement to Physics study where the mathematical levels are similar. Because there are no tests, however, any high school student would benefit from this elective course. The curriculum consists of the written text and questions that students answer “On Your Own.” This allows students to check their comprehension levels before moving on. While some questions are mathematical in nature, students who do not have the mathematical skill can skip them and still gain full insight into the universe and their unique place within it.






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