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Force and Motion

Shop physics force & motion teaching supplies, equipment & experiments.

Shop Force & Motion

  • Force and Motion Kits
    Force and Motion Kits

    See physics in action with these kits for studying force, motion, sound, hydraulics & more.

  • Force and Motion Equipment
    Force and Motion Equipment

    Learn force and motion physics through hands-on science kits, special apparatus, and individual items, for beginners, AP and STEM studies.

  • Flight and Rocketry
    Flight and Rocketry

    Find the kits, toys, and supplies you need for learning about flight, motion, and rockets.

  • Pulleys and Gears
    Pulleys and Gears

    Pulleys & gears allow you to experiment with a variety of physics equipment.

Explore essential physics principles like inertia, friction, inclined planes, pulleys, gears & flight. 

From the Learning Center

Don't just read about force and motion. Put physics concepts into practice with a rubber band car project and and mousetrap marshmallow catapult. Hands-on experiments drive force & motion lessons home!

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Learn all about essential physics principles related to force and motion, including inertia, friction, inclined planes, pulleys, gears, and rockets & flight.