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Alveary Curriculum Science Lab Kits

Science kits that support Alveary's Mason-style science lessons.

What Others Are Saying About Alveary Curriculum
    • Simplified Our Science

      “This kit for our grade 5 science labs had been a huge blessing. We are staying on schedule with our labs for once because I’m not scrambling to find supplies or realizing I’m out of that one clothes pin I need to complete a project. We will definitely be buying our grade level kits going forward.”

      — Darien M.

    • “Having the science lab supplies available as one kit was genius. These are a huge time saver. We will be buying these kits every year.”

      — Darien M.

    The Ultimate Mason-style Learning Experience

    Our selection of Alveary curriculum science kits are the ultimate tool to bring your Mason-style science lessons to life. We offer kits from Grades 4-10 to give your student a hands-on learning experience that will last a lifetime. 

    Alveary Curriculum Kits that Save

    Our Alveary curriculum kits are more than just cost-effective. They save you valuable time to focus more on your student's learning and less on the grocery list to gather the supplies. This means that you have more time to plan your lessons and actually enjoy the hands-on learning experience with your student. Shop our popular Alveary Grade 5 Science Kit and get the harder-to-find items like dried beans, effervescent antacid tables, peat moss, and test tubes in one place. Our popular Alveary Grade 7 Science Kit includes key items like microscope slides and slide covers, washers, poster paper, pH paper, and Methylene Blue. Spend less time searching the stores and more time growing with your student.