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Chemistry Funnels

Lab funnels for chemistry: filtering, separatory, Buchner, glass & plastic.

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Shop lab funnels designed specifically for funnel chemistry applications. Easily transfer liquid from a wide mouthed vessel into one with a narrow mouth, like a crucible, graduated cylinder, test tube, or flask. Our selection includes separatory (Squibb), Buchner, powder, glass, and plastic styles.

Separatory (Squibb): Available for inorganic and organic chemistry processes. Separate two immiscible liquids of different densities, where the heaver liquid settles at the bottom to easily draw off. Also use to add a reagent in a distillation or a reaction process.

Buchner: This special two-piece funnel is for filtering mixtures through filter paper into a filtering flask. Available in porcelain and polypropylene.

Powder: These are best for transferring powdered reagents. The unique feature is its parallel stem that minimizes bridging of powder. They are steam autoclavable.

Glass & plastic: Get glass when you need it to withstand transferring caustic chemicals to bottles. Get plastic when you need something that won't break when dropped, as young scientists are prone to do.

Our science funnels range is size from 65 mm in diameter to 120 mm in diameter with various stem lengths. They're made of borosilicate glass, porcelain, or plastic. Also shop filter paper and other lab equipment.