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Chemistry Beakers

Glass and plastic science beakers and lab sets.

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Find chemistry beakers for experiments and lab applications.

Mixing and measuring in your laboratory is easier with the right supplies. Shop for a variety pack or pick and choose from individual sizes. Top-quality borosilicate glass beakers withstand the high temps of normal lab procedures. Unlike other glass products, lab items can be heated over the open flame of an alcohol lamp, or with a lab burner or hot plate without concern for safety.

Our science beaker selection ranges in size from tiny 50 ml to 2000 ml (2 liters) and includes inexpensive polypropylene, too. Low-form Griffin beakers feature approximate graduated markings and a convenient spout for pouring.

Also find Pyrex lab glassware here—made in the USA. HST imported glassware offers the same high-heat temperature tolerance as Pyrex, but at a better price. Enjoy discounted bulk pricing when you buy large quantities. Our lab glass is then carefully packed for shipping, so it arrives intact.

Learn more about glassware equipment with our Laboratory Equipment Guide.