Student Microscopes
40X-1000X Infinity-corrected Fluorescence Microscope with LED Koehler Illumination and Quintuple Nosepiece
touch-screen lab microscope
10x/30x Stereo Microscope - National Optical 446TBL-10
Image of National Optical Dual Magnification Stereo Microscope (2X&4X) 453-TBL-10-LED
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Student Microscopes

Easy-to-use, affordable, high-quality middle and high school student microscopes.

Shopping for student microscopes and feeling overwhelmed by the choices and cost? Let us help!

We can guide you to the best microscopes for students. And you can pick an affordable high school microscope or middle school microscope at a price you can afford. Even if you've never used a microscope before, we can help! It’s not as hard as that textbook makes it seem. You’ll be amazed at the world of tiny details that a compound microscope brings to life! Let us help find you the best student microscope!

Any of these student microscopes here provide excellent quality at a low price - so that you can get the best classroom-quality features for your brightfield studies (in relation to fine focus, optical glass, boom stands, phase contrast, metal frames, mechanical stages, eyepieces, abbe condensers, etc. ) without hurting your budget! Most have a lifetime warranty to ensure you can use the same microscope for years to come, and many feature high-quality LED illumination or halogen light. Choose from microscopes with a monocular, binocular, or dual-head and between 40-1000x power objectives.

For most students and families interested in widefield microscopy, we recommend the Home Microscope; this bestselling LED light microscope is ideal for students who are studying life science and biology in junior high and up. If you have a younger child who loves science, but you don’t want to make a longer-term investment, we highly recommend the kids model. It's a great tool for teaching children how to use a real microscope in the future! For an advanced student looking for an excellent research microscope, a great choice that would allow them to see even more detail is the iris diaphragm and 1000x magnification microscope. You can even pair many of these student microscopes with microscope cameras - enhancing your microscope studies all the more!

Here's what one customer had to say:

"We recently purchased the Home Microscope. My son was amazed at the clarity & detail. He found it easy to use." —Melanie