Learning Science at a High School Level

The Launch level of Science Unlocked is appropriate for most students eighth through twelfth grade. The learning experiences in these kits often ask students to grasp abstract concepts, use advanced reasoning, and do more reading and writing than at the Accelerate level. Launch level activities are still engaging, with significant hands-on content, so that students can experience science for themselves while maintaining a high level of rigor.

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  • Step-by-step experiment processes and materials
  • Teachers Guide
  • Reading passages
  • Student assessments
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Launch Biology Bundle

$475.00  $429.99

Explore the nine Launch-level kits included

Science Unlocked: Ancient Organisms Kit Contents

Ancient Organisms

Understand the Past to Understand the Present

Design and carry out investigations to discover the intricacies of fossils and how they are used to understand ancient and modern organisms.

Science Unlocked: Game of Survival Kit Contents

Game of Survival

Populations Under Pressure

Play the survival game to learn about natural selection and explore examples from each class of animals.

Science Unlocked: Unintended Consequences Kit Contents

Unintended Consequences

Effectiveness of Ecosystem Services

Test impacts of compaction on cliff plants, simulate ecosystem services of mangroves, and study invasive and non-native species in your community.

Science Unlocked: Breathing Without Air Kit Contents

Breathing Without Air

Flow of Energy and Matter in Respiration

Learn how energy and matter cycle through organisms and ecosystems during respiration, with and without oxygen.

Science Unlocked: Revenge of the Synth Kit Contents

Revenge of the Synth

The Biochemistry of Photosynthesis

Connect biological structures to the chemical processes of photosynthesis and uncover unusual organisms that photosynthesize.

Science Unlocked: Chasing Equilibrium Kit Contents

Chasing Equilibrium

Osmosis and Diffusion

Conduct a series of hands-on activities to learn the details of the mechanisms that keep your body regulated.

Science Unlocked: Cats and Chromosomes Kit Contents

Cats and Chromosomes

The Genetic Basis of Unique Traits

Explore how genetics impact growth of organisms by working through Punnett squares, pedigrees of cats and ethical implications.

Science Unlocked: Crack the Code Kit Contents

Crack the Code

Solving Medical Mysteries

A mystery can be solved with the right tools. Become immersed in genetics and DNA to solve a disease mystery.

Science Unlocked: Flashy Feathers Kit Contents

Flashy Feathers

Biological Populations Changing Over Time

Play a game, investigate seeds, grow plants, and raise an ant farm to discover the intricacies of heritable traits.

Launch Chemistry Bundle

$560.00  $499.99

Explore the nine Launch-level kits included

Science Unlocked: Rate of Reaction Kit Contents

Rate of Reaction

The Speed of Chemical Change

Discover what affects the speed of chemical reactions by changing factors to make reactants become products faster or slower.

Science Unlocked: Naturally Nuclear Kit Contents

Naturally Nuclear

Radioactivity, Reactors, and Reactions

Make hand warmers to compare energy released by chemical and nuclear reactions and learn about natural and human-made nuclear reactors.

Science Unlocked: Reaction Rainbow Kit Contents

Reaction Rainbow

Acids, Bases, and Chemical Change

Make a reaction rainbow to study reactions of acids and bases, and solve problems related to pH of solutions.

Science Unlocked: Super Cool Kit Contents

Super Cool

Crystalline Structures and Phase Changes

Discover the relationship between crystalline structure and phase changes through memorable chemistry activities.

Science Unlocked: The Material World Kit Contents

The Material World

Chemical Structures and Physical Properties

Get up close with some interesting materials to learn how their physical properties are determined by particle-level chemical structures.

Science Unlocked: Salty States Kit Contents

Salty States

Phase Changes and Particle Interactions

Investigate to determine the effect of salt on phase changes and observe interactions between molecules.

Science Unlocked: Good to Glow Kit Contents

Good to Glow

Atomic Structure and Chemical Reactions

Experiment with chemicals, fire, and light to explore the connection between elemental properties, chemical bonding, and chemical reactions.

Science Unlocked: The Mighty Mole Kit Contents

The Mighty Mole

Mass Relationships You Can Count On

Inflate balloons, hydrate silica, and chew bubblegum to convert between moles, mass, and particles with ease!

Science Unlocked: Atoms and Angles Kit Contents

Atoms and Angles

Electrical Attraction and Repulsion in Molecules

You won’t be repulsed by this active exploration of the forces within and among molecules that determine structure and chemical behavior.

Launch Earth & Space Bundle

$485.00  $439.99

Explore the nine Launch-level kits included

Science Unlocked: Danger Zone Kit Contents

Danger Zone

Human Impacts and Climate Change

Investigate the challenging problem of climate change and how it connects people and living things around the world.

Science Unlocked: Working With Watersheds Kit Contents

Working With Watersheds

Human Impact on Natural Resources

Model relationships between humans, watersheds, and natural resources to learn how people affect ecosystems, biodiversity, and human health.

Science Unlocked: Going in Circles Kit Contents

Going in Circles

Cycling Matter Through Earth’s Systems

Follow carbon through the carbon cycle, water cycle, nitrogen cycle, phosphorus cycle, and rock cycle.

Science Unlocked: Reducing Reliance on Rarity Kit Contents

Reducing Reliance on Rarity

Technological Devices and Natural Resources

Discover how technology development relates to our environment by testing how materials from the Earth are used in technology.

Science Unlocked: Reading the Rocks Kit Contents

Reading the Rocks

Digging Into Earth’s Oldest Mysteries

Learn how geologists decipher clues hidden in rock layers, how those layers form, and see how oxidation can solve puzzles of the past..

Science Unlocked: Unusual Structures Kit Contents

Unusual Structures

How Erosion and Weathering Change Landscapes

Build, grind, and wash away dirt and rocks to discover the fascinating effects of erosion and weathering.

Science Unlocked: Restless Rocks Kit Contents

Restless Rocks

Earth’s Interior and Plate Tectonics

Use models of Earth's interior and the ocean floor to explore how earthquakes, volcanoes, and island formation are connected.

Science Unlocked: Searching the Sky Kit Contents

Searching the Sky

Movement in the Solar System

Uncover the secrets of the Solar System by using ancient calendars and observations of planets, stars, and more.

Science Unlocked: Secret Lives of Stars Kit Contents

Secret Lives of Stars

Observing Stars and Galaxies From Earth

Use magnetism to affect electricity, view colorful spectra, and expand a balloon to find out how stars form, release energy, and change.

Launch Physics Bundle

$500.00  $459.99

Explore the nine Launch-level kits included

Science Unlocked: Transformers Kit Contents


Energy in Disguise

Energy can’t be created or destroyed, but you can design, build, and test devices to convert it from one form to another!

Science Unlocked: Magnetize Me Kit Contents

Magnetize Me

Connections Between Magnetism and Electricity

Perform investigations involving magnetism and electricity to learn how magnetic force, voltage, current, and resistance are connected.

Science Unlocked: UV Defenders Kit Contents

UV Defenders

Protecting Against Electromagnetic Radiation

Explore the impacts of electromagnetic radiation and engage in memorable physics activities using UV color changing beads.

Science Unlocked: Trick of the Light Kit Contents

Trick of the Light

Lenses, Mirrors, and Illusions

Discover refraction and reflection by testing mirrors and lenses, making optical illusions, and comparing digital and analog transmissions.

Science Unlocked: Newton's Notions Kit Contents

Newton's Notions

Understanding Newton’s Laws of Motion

Get hands-on with Newton’s three laws of motion, exploring concepts like inertia, acceleration, and reaction forces.

Science Unlocked: Project Projectile Kit Contents

Project Projectile

Motion in Two Dimensions

Hit the mark with this physics kit that aims to help students understand the laws of one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion.

Science Unlocked: Gravity of the Situation Kit Contents

Gravity of the Situation

Gravitational Forces from Planets to Particles

Explore how objects in space stay in orbit, how they escape orbit, and how the force of gravity is related to the forces within atoms.

Science Unlocked: In Perfect Harmony Kit Contents

In Perfect Harmony

Patterns of Motion in Springs, Pendulums, and More

Explore natural patterns of harmonic motion through springs, pendulums, cyclical patterns, balanced forces, and unbalanced forces.

Science Unlocked: Martian Impact Kit Contents

Martian Impact

Analyzing Forces with Accurate Measurements

Learn how measurements and conversions help scientists and engineers design technological solutions to problems in physics.

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