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Batteries, Bulbs, Wire and Circuits
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Batteries, Bulbs, Wire, and Circuits

Learn about electricity with batteries, bulbs, wires and circuits for kids.

Find everything you need for physics experiments and demonstrations with batteries and circuits!

Shop the individual electrical components to help make circuits for kids accessible. Get batteries, light bulbs, buzzers, wire, alligator clip leads, sockets, switches, and more! Many of the supplies are durable enough to reuse on future experiments, too.

These supplies make it easy for you to complete an electric circuits for kids project. Use these components to make electromagnets in STEM labs and experiments. Though inexpensive, these science products are sometimes hard-to-find. But they're essential if you want to make simple circuits with a group of kids. Or if you need to connect batteries and plate electrodes.

Discover simple and parallel circuits and electromagnets (by wrapping wire around a large iron nail). Make a homemade "motor" out of wire, a battery, rubber bands, and magnets. Use these supplies for student electric circuit set-ups for a school science workshop.

And as lighting moves to LED, find 1.5V incandescent light bulbs with visible filament. Experiment with similar LED circuits and lend historical perspective on electric lighting.

Also shop complete kits with supplies and instructions for electrical circuits labs or science fair projects.

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