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Make the study of living things come alive with hands-on activities, worksheets, and science experiments. From birdwatching to bacteria growing, find fun biology projects for students of all ages. Discover human DNA, collect insects, witness photosynthesis & more!

Biology is the study of life - from vast mountain forests to small molecules and the tiniest single cells.

Many kids’ first introduction to science is through biology, as they discover insects, plants, and animals. Biology extends to anatomy, botany, zoology, microscopic organisms, and dissection - a window for students to see how individual organs and biological functions work together as a living being.

Here, we’ve assembled the biology tools you’ll enjoy using to delve into life science!

No matter their age, kids can learn so much about the world when they study biology. Younger kids can use our many biological research tools and products to explore plant and animal life, as well as the simplest concepts within systems biology. Advanced students can study some of the  complexities surrounding DNA and cell biology, perhaps learning about DNA sequences, protein sequences, bioinformatics, transcription factors, genetic information, gene expression, epigenetics, cell cultures, genome editing, genetic engineering, Escherichia coli (E. coli), plant and mammalian cells, organelles, rational design, RNA and other nucleic acids, genetic circuits, amino acids, metabolic pathways, and more!

The possibilities are endless. With our selection of hands-on tools and products, young learners are engaged as they study molecular biology, biological systems, and all things related to life science. Biology has never been more fun for kids!