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Venipuncture Course & Kit

Ages 11+
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Want to learn the medical art of phlebotomy? You'll be able to practice all facets of venipuncture with this kit! Excellent for current and aspiring medical professionals alike. Read More

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The Apprentice Doctor Venipuncture Course and Kit provides valuable phlebotomy practice for current and aspiring medical professionals alike. Venipuncture or phlebotomy is the process of obtaining access to blood vessels. This phlebotomy practice kit course introduces the art and science of intravenous (IV) techniques, IV injections, and blood sampling. The venipuncture training in this kit allows you to practice and master these skills before encountering a real patient, while five true-story case studies demonstrate key principles.

The 29-piece phlebotomy practice kit offers an illustrated hands-on course (viewable online only here), including all the authentic medical items you'll need when practicing 30+ step-by-step projects. Included is a fully functional mini arm ideal for practicing phlebotomy, IV, blood sampling, and related skills. Because the kit is lightweight and portable, this venipuncture training kit allows you to practice lab simulations almost anywhere!

The objectives of the course are to assist students in mastering basic injection, blood drawing, phlebotomy, and IV skills through hands-on practice. The kit provides information on the theory and practice of phlebotomy, setting up an IV line, and associated techniques. The course covers topics such as collecting samples for the laboratory, donating blood, injecting local anesthetics, and much more.

The Apprentice Doctor® Venipuncture course and phlebotomy practice kit contents allow students to practice various IV skills on a revolutionary artificial section of an arm, called the Venipuncture Trainer. With a real-to-life feel when the needle penetrates the vein, this kit provides a perfect simulation of clinical phlebotomy procedures to practice arterial blood sampling.

This kit supplies basic information regarding other specimens (excluding blood) received by the medical technology lab (e.g., urine, sputum, and pus). Additionally, you’ll learn how to recognize and deal with common and less common complications of venipuncture.

Upon completion of The Apprentice Doctor Venipuncture Course, medical students will have a demonstrated comprehension of:

  • the basic principles of sterility and asepsis
  • the items used to perform a venipuncture procedure and putting up an IV line
  • the basic principles of phlebotomy
  • various techniques of drawing venous, arterial, and capillary blood
  • various types of injections (e.g., local and regional anesthetic injections)
  • the techniques and principles used when putting up an IV line
  • taking and understanding medical history before performing any invasive procedures.

This course covers the following venipuncture, phlebotomy, and related IV techniques:

  • Collecting capillary blood
  • Drawing venous blood (various techniques)
  • Drawing arterial blood
  • Giving a subcutaneous injection
  • Giving an intra-muscular injection

Note: This kit no longer contains a flash disk version of the course. For your convenience, the Apprentice Doctor® Venipuncture course is available online.

Take a glimpse into one homeschool family's educational venipuncture experience with this hands-on kit!




Venipuncture Kit Contents:

  • Lumen stoppers/connectors
  • Syringes (hold medication for injection into a patient):
    • 0.5 ml (pre-assembled with 30 g needle)
    • 5 ml
    • 10 ml
  • Needles:
    • Syringe needles, 22-gauge
    • Syringe needles, 20-gauge
    • Syringe needles, 18-gauge
    • Safety needles, 21-gauge (engineered to minimize real time risk)
  • Catheter (device for transferring IV fluid and medication into a vein:
    • IV catheter, 22-gauge
    • IV catheter, 20-gauge
  • Butterflies – flexible tube with winged needle for injections
  • Small IV fluid package (100 ml saline or dextrose for clear IV fluid or to make fake blood)
  • IV lines(IV tubing for conducting IV fluid from IV bag to trainer):
    • IV line, adult
    • IV line, child
  • Vials (to demonstrate how to open and draw fluid from glass or plastic):
    • Glass vial of 10 ml saline or sterile water
    • Plastic vial of 10 ml normal saline or sterile water
  • Vacuum container hub, regular (dedicated phlebotomy device for holding vacuum tubes)
  • Vacuum container needles, regular (dedicated needles connect to a vacuum container hub)
  • Plain collection tubes or vacutainer (color-coded vacuum tubes for collecting blood)
  • Vacuum container hub with safety needle pre-assembled (device with a safety needle connected and holding a vacuum tube)
  • Lancets(for piercing the skin to sample capillary blood)
    • Lancets, safety
    • Lancets, regular
  • Tourniquets (reduce or stop venous return to engorge veins)
    • Tourniquet, re-usable
    • Tourniquet, disposable
  • Tournistrip®, single-use
  • Tegaderm™ or equivalent – dressing often used after setting up IV
  • Ruler
  • On skin marker pen (for marking venous or arterial anatomy)
  • Alcohol prep swabs (to aseptically prepare the skin for procedures)
  • Clean gauze squares (for cleaning or as a dry dressing)
  • Cotton swabs (used for cleaning or as a dry dressing)
  • Roll of strapping (to secure dressings or IV tubes)
  • Work surface cover (clean, waterproof cover for procedures)
  • Gloves, non-Latex (use to prevent cross infection)
  • Sharps waste container (to safely dispose of potentially hazardous items and materials)
  • Lab requisition forms (for requesting blood tests or other laboratory tests)
  • Various forms and illustrations (use while studying course material)


Warning: SAFETY NOTE - Educational Use Only. This product is intended exclusively for educational purposes. It is strictly prohibited for use in medical situations. Supervision by a responsible adult is recommended for students under 18 years of age.
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