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Alternative Energy for Kids

Teach solar power & renewable energy for kids: materials, kits & lab supplies.

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Teach kids about solar and alternative energy with hands-on activities and projects. Discover alternative & renewable energy sources, experiment with wind power, and explore solar power.

Explore the cutting edge with solar & alternative energy for kids products!

Just what is alternative energy anyway? It's using energy sources other than traditional fossil fuels, which are in finite supply. Sometimes it's also called renewable energy and is thought to be best for Earth.

Discover how solar energy, hydrogen fuel cells, and wind power work with fun alternative energy science kits! Learn the basics with the Solar Power Study Kit or try the Enviro-Battery for a fun green science kit. The Power House provides a complete solar science project kit. The H-Racer hydrogen car runs off batteries or solar energy and the Solar Racer kit lets you build solar-powered models.

For in-depth exploration, check out the Renewable Energy Kit or Wind & Hydrogen Kit. Use magnetic fields to create electricity with the Shaking Up Energy kit from Science Buddies. Exploring alternative energy for kids and help them invest in the future of our planet.