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Life Science Products & Tools.

Life Science Products & Tools

Slides, life cycle kits & more for life science labs.

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  • Frogs and Tadpoles
    Frogs and Tadpoles

    Watch the life cycle of a frog as it changes from tadpole to adult!

  • Insects and Collecting Supplies
    Insects and Collecting Supplies

    Insects and entomology supplies, insect collecting kits, nets, pins, display cases, and everything you need to raise your own ants, butterflies, and beetles.

  • Owl Pellets
    Owl Pellets

    Find owl pellet kits, guides, and tools for dissection.

  • Quail Eggs and Incubators
    Quail Eggs and Incubators

    Order the incubator with four quail eggs, or order just the incubator to hatch your choice of eggs like quail, chicken, or duck.

  • Nature Studies and Kits
    Nature Studies and Kits

    Shop nature books, backpack kits, field journals, and nature science project books.

  • Ocean and Water Life
    Ocean and Water Life

    Study aquatic life by observing Sea Monkeys or Triops, looking at sea shells, testing the pH of pond water, or using a marine biology coloring book.

  • Field Guides
    Field Guides

    We recommend the Golden Guides for all ages and the Audubons for third grade and up.

  • Plants and Botany
    Plants and Botany

    View our selection of botany and gardening books, plant science study kits, seed packets, soil test kit, algae samples, plant presses.

From the Learning Center

Life science activities bring students face-to-face with life cycles and more. Learn about butterflies, hatch eggs with an incubator, or raise tadpoles to frogs and watch the magic of life!

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Even reluctant learners are quickly won over to life science. Since most children love animals, studying life science leverages that love for learning! Checkout our best sellers! Find curriculum kits, educational toys, and everything you need for your kids' next science experiments. Shop a variety of life science categories and learning resources that will help you narrow your search.

Young learners explore metamorphosis and life cycles by raising tadpoles to frogs. Hatching chicken or quail eggs with incubators teaches responsibility and all about birds. Insect collection brings kids face to face with the world of bugs. Caring for a terrarium shows your student how ecosystems sustain resources for life.

Home Science Tools offers a variety of DIY STEM kits and science toys to check off your young scientist's wishlist. Owl pellets and complete kits teach kids about food chains. Nature kits and field guides turn every outdoor excursion into an adventure in learning! And ocean and water life activities teach students about underwater biology processes.

From insects and plants in soil to amphibians living on land and in water to birds soaring in the sky, there are many ways to study life science for kids. What will you discover?