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Anatomy and Physiology Kits

Complete anatomy kits for teaching physiology & human anatomy, individual & classroom.

Anatomy kits and medical devices help prepare students for healthcare careers. High school, pre-med, and medical students interested in the applied sciences will enjoy these products. So will anyone looking to learn more about human anatomy and the medical field. for healthcare and applied sciences careers.

Shop a variety of clinical grade instruments: stethoscopes, an otoscope, blood pressure monitor, and more. These are perfect for at-home labs or classroom testing and diagnostics. But they're also reliable enough for certain professional settings.

The Apprentice Doctor kits’ accredited courses are top-rated for good reason. They provide a surprisingly complete survey of medical procedures. Find kits to explore patient exams, phlebotomy and venipuncture, and suturing techniques.

For beginners, x-rays sets and anatomy models offer an introduction to anatomy and physiology. With greater emphasis today on personal health, anatomy kits for kids have broad appeal! Find kits for anyone interested in healthcare science or medicine. These supplies are also ideal for anyone who wants to monitor their health and that of their family!