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Chemistry Toys

Chemistry kits, toys and games. Science gifts for girls and boys.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Science Gifts
    • The Best Gift I've Ever Bought

      “If your kid like science, this is your gift. My son got the intro set for his 10th birthday. He loves thinking about the elements, the bonds, and making the molecules. This is an awesome, entertaining, educational toy for kids who like science....the best!”

      — Lawrence J.

    • Perfect Gift!

      “My daughter is a science nut and loves this. You can't beat hands on products like this that keep kids involved in learning and keeps them away from their iPads!”

      — Eric

    • Great Gift Idea!

      “We gifted this to my father-in-law for Christmas and be absolutely loved it. He's only made one batch of cheese so far (and then turned that into lasagna), but he is hooked. Apparently, he's never buying store-bought cheese again.”

      — Stacy

    Discover Exciting Chemistry Toys for Kids

    Explore our thoughtfully curated selection of chemistry toys for kids, featuring many of our best-selling items!

    Within this collection of science toys and kits, you'll find:

    1. Complete Chemistry Experiment Kits: These kits are equipped with beakers, test tubes, and various chemistry lab tools essential for conducting captivating science experiments.

    2. Educational Science Card Games: Fun and educational science card games that make learning chemistry engaging and enjoyable.

    3. Glow Stick Sets: A selection of glow stick sets that offer not only a source of amusement but also a chance to learn about chemical reactions and luminescence.

    4. Crystal Growing Kits: Amazing kits that allow kids to witness the growth of dazzling crystals, while gaining insights into crystallography and chemistry.

    5. Stretchy & Slimy Thinking Putty: A variety of stretchy and slimy Thinking Putty, which is not only entertaining but also serves as a fascinating introduction to polymers and material science.

    6. Food Science Kits: Kits that introduce kids to the fascinating world of food science, teaching them about the chemistry behind cooking and baking.

    We, at Home Science Tools, are passionate about fostering accessibility for inquisitive learners, enabling them to embark on hands-on discovery. With these engaging educational toys, you can inspire young scientific explorers, some as young as three years old, to initiate their guided and do-it-yourself explorations under adult supervision.

    Unsure about which chemistry toys will captivate your children the most? Take a journey through our selection alongside your 5+-year-olds and help them craft their very own wishlists!