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Electricity and Electronics for Kids

Teach electricity & electronics for kids with educational kits, supplies & equipment.

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Kids will be shocked at how much fun they have experimenting with electricity! Make a tomato battery, explore electroplating, and discover circuits with hands-on science projects.

What is electricity? And why is electricity for kids important?

Electricity, as we think of it, comes from electromagnetic force. It's a type of energy that makes the lights in your house turn on and keeps your refrigerator running. Electrical energy (the energy that comes from electricity) does important jobs that help us cook dinner, wash clothes, or drive to the store. The car, TV, computer, air conditioner, and kitchen stove all use electricity.

So what does electronics mean? And how does electronics for kids matter?

Both electronics and electricity rely on electrical currents. But electronics are more sophisticated. Electronic devices are made of semi-conductors (usually silicone) and can process information. Electric devices are made of conductors (usually metal alloys) and can't process information. Cell phones are electronic devices. Light bulbs are electric.

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