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Teach electricity & electronics with educational kits, supplies & equipment.

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  • Electricity and Electronics Kits
    Electricity and Electronics Kits

    Learn about electronics through hands-on experimenting! These kits range from basic to advanced.

  • Batteries, Bulbs, Wire and Circuits
    Batteries, Bulbs, Wire and Circuits

    Find batteries, light bulbs, wire, switches, and several kits so you can do a complete battery and circuit labs.

  • Static Electricity
    Static Electricity

    Here you'll find all the electrodes and electrolysis or static electricity equipment that you need for a homeschool lab or science fair project.

  • Motors, Generators, Gears
    Motors, Generators, Gears

    Now you can easily learn about motors and generators with our low-priced, hands-on kits. Build working models of both motors and generators!

From alligator clips to zinc electrodes, find the parts you need for electricity projects. Shop for solar energy kits, electronic labs, motors, snap circuits kits, and more.

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Kids will be shocked at how much fun they have experimenting with electricity! Make a tomato battery, explore electroplating, and discover circuits with hands-on science projects.

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Browse a wide variety of electricity and electronics items. Find solar energy kits, electronics learning labs, batteries, motors, books, snap circuits kits, and other electronics for all ages. Plus, get a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.